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There are a total of 14 games in section u of the CPC Gamebase. If you are looking for something specific please use the search engine in the top right corner, to change pages scroll down to the bottom of this page.

Uchi Mata by Martech

GalleryInfoUchi Mata - by Martech

Ulises by OperaSoft

GalleryInfoUlises - by OperaSoft

Ultima Ratio by Firebird

GalleryInfoUltima Ratio - by Firebird

Ultimate Fight by Y.Baudodin

GalleryInfoUltimate Fight - by Y.Baudodin

Ultimate Tetris by Dreadnought

GalleryInfoUltimate Tetris - by Dreadnought

Ultron 1 by Chip

GalleryInfoUltron 1 - by Chip

UN Squadron by Capcom

GalleryInfoUN Squadron - by Capcom

Une Affaire En Or by Free Game Blot

GalleryInfoUne Affaire En Or - by Free Game Blot

Unitrax by Domark

GalleryInfoUnitrax - by Domark

Untouchables : The by Ocean Software

GalleryInfoUntouchables : The - by Ocean Software

Up For Grabs by Alternative Software

GalleryInfoUp For Grabs - by Alternative Software

Uranium by na

GalleryInfoUranium - by na

Uridium by Hewson

GalleryInfoUridium - by Hewson

Usagi Yojimbo by Firebird

GalleryInfoUsagi Yojimbo - by Firebird

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