Oh Mummy

Copyright : Amsoft | Reviewed by : hiro

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A free game as part of the Amsoft 12 pack most CPC users got with their computer. This one involved an expedition into egyptian tombs. Collect the treasure and get out of there before the mummies get ya. Many of the Amsoft games weren't worth bothering with. Though this one, despite initial appearances, was not one of those.


The graphics in Oh Mummy are very basic but they do have a certain charm. They are certainly better than the Spectrum version which looked terrible. Overall the graphics are clear, well defined, and recognisable. The mummies despite their simplicity still seem menacing.


The sound effects are fine and distinct and the effect that plays when you lose a life is suitably depressing (and got embedded into my mind from all the time I spent playing the game). There is a rendition of the typical egyptian 'theme music'. It's a bit slow but it serves its purpose well.

Gameplay and Final Comments

The game consists of you trying to walk around every block on the screen, surrounding it with footprints, which then reveal what's inside. Sometimes it's treasure, sometimes it's the artifact you need to be able to leave the level. And sometimes it's another mummy to run away from. The gameplay is simple, yet it can be very, very addictive. Trying to escape from a lot of mummies all trying to cut me off on this game gave me the same sort of tense feeling and panic that Pacman did and a lot of modern games I've played have failed to do despite the modern 3D graphics in those games. Theres also a slight thrill in choosing not to escape (even though you've uncovered the relevant objects) and continue getting the whole screen clear of items and then leaving that level but also increasing the chance you could be killed. Yes the game gets repetitive but so many of the most classic arcade titles always did and it doesn't really hurt the enjoyment of the game. It's a great title that is still a lot of fun to play today.