Match Point

Copyright : Psion | Reviewed by : Harrier Attack

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Match Point is a Tennis simulation. One can play against the computer or against another human in a knockout style tournament.


The graphics in the game are fairly standard fair for a CPC simulation. The players are quite "matchsticky", which I prefer to blocky and undefined. The view of the game is roughly over head, but it is not completely aerial which enables the gamer to clearly see the overall playing court, ball boys and umpire etc. There are some very nice animation touches, like the ball boys collecting a ball that hits the net. One can see that the programmers have spent some time on these little aspects. The colours are also nice and bright and one is somewhat reminded of a nice summers day on the Center Court at Wimbledon.


Sound is very basic. There is no intro music and winning shots and games are greeted with a standard computer bleep or two. Winning a game within a set or winning a match is greeted by some nice crowd roars however.

Gameplay & Final Comments

Gameplay is where Match Point really excels in my opinion. The array of shots that one can pull of in this game is quite impressive for a game of this time. One can outwit an opponent by lobbing the ball over his head or smashing a shot down the line. Serves have to be timed right or they can go out or hit the net. This game is quite difficult to master, but not at all impossible with some patience and learning. The difficulty is really what keeps the player addicted, but it's not too difficult that you will feel you?re getting nowhere.