Out Run

Copyright : Sega | Reviewed by : scooby1970

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Outrun, the classic racing game of the 1980's, where you could ride along various tracks and listen to a wonderful soundtrack. It was a game that brought a breath of fresh-air into the racing games industry, a game that took technology to a new high... and then came the Amstrad CPC Version.


This first thing you notice about this game is the wonderful graphics on the loading screen. From this first look, you know it's going to be something special in the graphics department, well, at least that's what you told yourself.

The loading screen passes, and you get to the menu screen. This screen looks fairly similar to the Spectrum version of the game, but this game is far from a Spectrum port. You hit the play button, the game loads up, and then you're treated to the actual in-game graphics.

The main car sprite is well coloured and detailed, although there is hardly any animation. The other cars look well represented too, so that can't be a bad thing. Then there's the track and background graphics. This has to be one of the worst looking racing games ever created when it comes to the track. There is no feeling of speed what-so-ever, and half the time it feels like you are going backwards!


The sound on the game from the loading screen is amazing! Once again, you are lead into a false sense of security, as when the actual game kicks in there is hardly any sound at all! You get the odd "screech" of the tyres, which are probably the worse tyre screeches you'll ever here on any computer.

Gameplay & Final Thoughts

This game Sucks with a capital S, the game just has no feeling of speed, the graphics (other than the car sprites) are almost worthy of a ZX81, the sound is all but non-existent and to make it worse, I actually spent money on this when it first came out, and felt exactly the same as I do reviewing it now!

If there's any game on the Amstrad that you must avoid like the plague, then it's this pile of dog's doo!