UN Squadron

Copyright : Capcom | Reviewed by : hiro

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Converted from the hit Capcom arcade game based on a manga (Area 88), UN Squadron is a horizontal shoot 'em up for two players. Choose a pilot and his plane, load it up with heavy firepower and take to the skies.

'Flying this mission is like shaking hands with the Devil'


It's a side on shoot 'em up so the wide pixel 16 color Mode 0 fits very nicely here, with big colorful sprites and explosions. The weapon upgrades all look great and are satisfying to use and there is a real sense of power as the game progresses and even your main gun's projectiles start to increase to extremely large sizes. The bosses are all pretty large and varied. Basically this game looks great on the CPC and is about as close to it's arcade original as it could be. Whats so more is that the anime character art of the original has also have made it into the CPC version, so despite the western looking artwork and title screen (which is still lovely), the three selectable characters, the shop owner and the long haired commander who does the mission briefings all retain the originals japanese style. The only real problem I have with the game graphically is it's a tad slow but when you're causing all that destruction and trying to avoid enemy fire at same time it's not really that bad at all. Also the little turning animation when your plane hits the end of the level and changes direction to finish off a boss is nicely done too.


Music is very good in the game with a catchy lil title track and some good in-game tunes. Sound effects are decent but they do sorta drown out the music. Some options to have one or the other would have been nice but I appreciate the fact the game has both as many CPC games would just omit either one.

Gameplay And Final Comments:

Basically it's your standard horizontal shooter (move your craft around the screen shooting to the right for the most part, picking up power ups and saving the day) but it's done so well and stands out amongst other similar games especially on the CPC. It's not too difficult and not too easy either, though you will probably be arguing with your friend as to who used up the more credits.

This game is easily amongst the best arcade conversions for the CPC as well as being one of it's best shoot 'em ups. Graphics are as about as good as can be on the machine, it's got good sound effects and music. And despite the slight sluggishness it plays extremely well. It even keeps the two simultaneous players mode which even the SNES version didn't include. A great game overall.