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Saberman has a problem. When it gets dark, he turns into a werewolf. Now, while some people with this predicament would go out and kill people and cause all sorts of mischief, Saberman wants out. So, off to a mysterious castle he goes to seek out a cure.

Traversing a huge castle, Saberman must collect objects and place them in a cauldron in a specific order, in order to make a potion. Once this is complete, Saberman will have got rid of his curse.

You start your quest off in a random starting location. There are various enemies and obstacles to get past, such as falling spikes, guards, fire, ghosts and more. When the sun is shining, you play as Saberman, but when the moon comes out, you metamorphose into Wulfman. This can be a bad thing, as there are certain areas of the game that you cannot complete as Wulfman, and some enemies are attracted to Wulfman and repelled by Saberman.


The 3D Isometric graphics are spot on. Although they are in Mode 1, the palette is switched between screens to take away the monotony (or is that monochromy?). The animations are flawless, the backgrounds are minimal but effective. Great character and enemy sprites.


A very short, but good intro tune which sets up the mood perfectly. There are a few jingles when you start and die, and minimal in-game fx.


This game is big. The main puzzle may be simple, but getting the items in the correct order is not, and the puzzles in many of the rooms can be tricky and require precision timing, or require being Saberman or Wulfman, which adds on a time limit in addition to the 40 day limit you have to complete the game. This is a game you can come back to time and time again, and you always start in a random location so each game can be different.

The inclusion of Directional Control REALLY helps things, as its tricky to control without it. The only fault I can find with this game is how it slows down when there is lots of action on screen. This can be annoying, particularly if you are waiting for a guard to move, but its only a minor quibble.

An amazing game. One of my all-time favourites, and one I still love to play.