Copyright : Bally Midway | Reviewed by : Scooby1970

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Tapper was a great little arcade game released by Bally Midway in 1986 on the 8-bit computers. It was great to see a conversion of this abscure arcade favourite, and lucky enough for us CPC users, the Amstrad version of the game was quite a solid conversion.


Like everytime I review a game, I try and play the arcade version first where applicable, and I always play the C64 or Speccy equivilant. Surprisingly on this title the CPC version stands out as being colourful and almost identical to the arcade version. The graphics may be a little blocky, but no more so than the C64 version, but the colour choice is as always on the CPC spot-on!

The sprites move very fast, just like in the arcade version, and the animation is also simular to the arcade.


Ok, there`s a tune... a repeating tune... A piece of "Oh Suzzana" plays over and over, and over while you play this game. But then again, it does on the other versions. It is a bit repetitive but adds to the "hillbilly" feel of the game. No sound effects as such though which is dissapointing.


This game was always addictive, and playing the CPC version is just the same as playing the arcade version. The game can get hard as you progress though. The idea of the game is to simply keep re-supplying your customers with beer (Root Beer or Budweiser in the arcade version depending on which version you played). When they finish they will throw their glasses back at you. You have to knock all your customers off the screen without passing over too many beers or missing the empty glasses. There is also a sub-game or two added in the game to keep it from being too repetative.

The whole games depth of challenge seems about right, and you will not get bored of this game fast. It keeps the full feel of the arcade version, and is a worthy arcade port. If you havent tried this game, grab a beer and try it!