Killer Gorilla

Copyright : Micropower | Reviewed by : Scooby1970

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Ok, so if you?ve ever played Donky Kong then you?ll know this, as it?s a superb Donky Kong clone! Donkey Kong really needs no introduction, it?s one of the classic games of all time and has been released on almost every platfrom. There are four levels, each one following the same basic pattern of jumping over barrels or other meanies. The object of each level is simply get to the top of the screen! (Have you read that somewhere before?)


This game follows the basic same screen layout as the four levels from the arcade version. The game seem`s to be a direct port from the BBC Micro version, which is not a bad thing, as the BBC Micro version was pretty good.

The game is colourful, with well designed sprites and some great animation. The only thing really different from this version to the official Nintendo/Ocean version of Donkey Kong is the fact that the screen ratio is standard CPC shape screen and no overscan is used.


The games sound effects and tunes are all of a very high quality, and sound very simular to the official Nintendo versions. On the whole the effects are above average for a CPC game.


The game is based over four levels, at the end of each forth level the game go`s back to level one but a little bit harder with gaps appearing in the floors, extra barells being thrown at you and more inteligent baddies chasing you.

The game plays very well. Some people prefer this version to the 1986 Nintendo/Ocean version, and I cannot deny that the gameplay in this version is pretty impressive. Play the both versions side by side and see which game you prefer.