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18 Reviews Added

Its catch up time lately as CPC Zone has been in the middle of a new design phase, hosting renewal and a load more behind the scenes. The first section to get the update treatment is our review archive with a further 18 reviews for your reading pleasure, here`s the list:

From Scooby1970:

Donkey Kong
Killer Gorilla
Speed King
Super Hang-On
Continental Circus
Prehistorik 2
Out Run
Defend or Die

From Bubblefox:


From Hiro:

UN Squadron
Fast Food
Oh Mummy

From Harrier Attack:

Match Point

All of these can be found in the reviews section, thanks to everyone for your continued support.

7 Reviews Added

With thanks to our friend Scooby1970 on our forums we present a further 7 reviews for your reading pleasure, games given the old scooby treatment this time around are as follows:

Exolon by Hewson
Tapper by Bally Midway
Speed King by Mastertronic
E-Motion by US Gold
Killer Gorilla by Micropower
Donkey Kong by Nintendo
Killer Cobra by Mastertronic

Thanks again to Scooby for the above contribution. Sadly we have had to disable the review section of our forums for the time being so we are unable to accept any future contributions until further notice, this is due to a recent widespread hacker attack and to prevent you from losing everything you have typed when we switch software later this week.

6 New Reviews

The CPC Zone reviews archive continues to expand with another six reviews from Ritchardo added.

* The Archers by Level 9 Computing
* BAT by UBISoft
* Deflektor by Vortex
* Guild of Thieves by Rainbird
* Kingdoms by Amsoft
* Software Star by Addictive

The latest content can be found via the menu on the right or by searching the review archive or gamebase directly.

Keep your eyes peeled for more updates in the next few weeks!

5 New Reviews Added

Just a quick content update for you guys, we have added a further 5 reviews to the archives for your reading pleasure, written by Corazon and Scooby1970. The new entries are:

Fly Spy by Mastertronic
The Newzealand Story by Ocean Software
Cybernoid by Hewson
SAS Combat Simulator by Codemasters
Equinox by MikroGen

You can find these in the latest content box on the right hand side of your screen and many more great user and staff contributed reviews in our archives.

CPC Game Reviews Updated

CPC Game Reviews has been updated with nine reviews by Nicholas Campbell:

* Emerald Isle (Level 9)
* Hammerhead (Zigurat)
* The Hit Squad (Codemasters)
* Into the Eagle`s Nest (Pandora)
* Phileas Fogg`s Balloon Battles (Zeppelin)
* Stomp (DK`Tronics)
* Strike! (Mastertronic)
* Trap (Alligata)
* Yogi Bear and Friends (Hi-Tec)

Click here to read the latest and many more reviews from Nich Campbells website.

30 Reviews Added

30 new game reviews have just been added to the archives, courtesy of Ritchardo, Scooby and Corazon. Here`s the updated list:

Written by Ritchardo:

Renegade by Kuma Computers
Its a Knockout by Ocean Software
The Hobbit by Melbourne House
Thunder Zone by Firebird
Lord of the Rings : Game One by Melbourne House
Shadows of Mordor by Melbourne House
War in Middle Earth by Melbourne House
Helichopper by Firebird
Greyfell by Starlight Software
Strangeloop and Strangeloop Plus by Virgin Games
Can I Cheat Death and Adult Two by Simon Avery
Surprise Surprise by Central Solutions
Lotus Esprit Turbo Challenge by Gremlin Graphics
Bounty Hunter by Adventure Workshop
Mag Max by Imagine
The Flintstones by Grandslam
Frank N Stein by Amsoft
Blagger by Amsoft
Steve Davis Snooker by Blue Ribbon/CDS

Written by Scooby1970:

The Eidolon by Lucasfilm Games
R-Type by Electric Dreams
Ikari Warriors by Elite Systems Ltd
SWIV by Storm

Written by Corazon:

Feud by Bulldog Software
Dynamite Dan by Mirrorsoft

The latest entries can be found via the menu on the right, you can find all previous reviews in our archives via the search engine on the left. Thanks to everyone for continuing to write content for CPC Zone, your work does not go under appreciated.