Back To The Future by Electric Dreams


Marty McFly, a typical teenager of the Eighties accidentally sent back to the year 1955 in a plutonium powered DeLorean "time machine" invented by slightly mad scientist Doctor Emmet Brown, manages to bump into his future parents and disrupt time so that they don't fall in love or have children! unless he gets them both to fall in love before travelling back to 1985 he, his brother & sister will be erased from existance.


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Original Instructions

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Up = Go through door
Left = Move Left
Right = Move Right

With the FIRE button pressed:

Up = Pick up object or get on skateboard
Down = Use object or get off skateboard
Left = Punch Left
Right = Punch Right


Same as for joystick but using the cursor keys in conjunction with the space bar.


Marty McFly - Dressed in Red
George McFly - Dressed in Blue. Marty's father who must fall in love with Lorraine if Marty is to be born.
Lorraine Baines - Dressed in Yellow. Marty must stop her falling in love with him and get her to fall in love with George if he is to survive.
Biff Tannen - Dressed in Brown. Biff is the school bully who will hit you whenever he gets the chance.
Dr. Emmett Brown 'Doc' - Dressed in White. 'Doc' can be both a help and a hindrance. Biff always walks away from him.


The more time that George and Lorraine spend together, the more they will fall in love, and more segments will be added to the family photograph in the bottom right corner. To help you, there are 4 different sorts of objects shown in icons at the top of the screen.

These are:

Love Poems - Found in the school, they were written by Marty for George to recite in the coffe shop.
A cup of coffee - Found in the coffee shop.
Alien Suit - Found in Dr. Brown's house.
Guitar - Found in the dance hall, Marty plays this at the school dance.

These icons will show up yellow when you are close enough to pick up and will turn white when you are carrying it. These items have different effects on different characters. The character icons show which characters are in contact with each other will show up green when a character is being affected by the particular objects used.


The skateboards can be made from old packing cases and can be used for getting about quickly. Also, while you are on a skateboard, Biff cannot punch you. If you are not on a skateboard, a punch from Biff will render you motionless for a short while. Similarly, you may do the same to Biff.

The protographs in the bottom right and left of the screen gradually disappear as the game progresses. If the family photograph disappears, then you have failed to put history straight and you will cease to exist. When you have successfully exposed thw holw of the photograph, you must go to 'Doc's' house to pick up the Time Machine. When you have the house, the Time Machine will appear and whisk you 'Back To The Future'.

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"I remember playing this to death when it first came out. Bought it because of the film, and BOY was I let down. A terrible game which should have been alot more as the film was awesome!"

Personal rating :

5 5/10

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