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Z by Rino Software

Z is a place in the unknown where the shroud of death awaits in the land of the alien. Only the reactions of a spacefighter at the pinnacle of his talents can negotiate a path through this futuristic challenge. Aim your blasters, cool your nerve and set forth on a flight where the aliens have surprise on their side, you only have your lightning reflexes and will to win.

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Original Instructions

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The aim of the game is to destroy all attacking aliens. After every 10 standard aliens are shot, an energy unit will appear; destroy this and an energy capsule will be released. Chase and collect the capsule to obtain energy bombs (running total gained displayed at bottom of screen). Once you have several energy bombs you can blast a hole through the moving force barrier surrounding the Transporter Unit.

Once a large enough hole has been created guide your ship into the transporter to hyper warp to the next level.



Standard aliens - 20 points per squadron
1 squadrons - 100 points each x level
Energy units - appear after 10 aliens shot 400 points
Meteorites - slowly orbit planet surface 100 points

Transporter Unit - penetrate force barrier to enter hyperwarp

Level 2 - Countryside battle zone

As level 1 PLUS

Flying Saucims - emit directional missiles 300 points

Level 3 - Lunar Landscape

As Level 1 PLUS

Mother Ships - emit homing missiles, 5 hits to blast to pieces.
500 points - Extra Life Bonus

Level 4 - Nightflight

All hazards of Levels 1, 2, 3 PLUS

No Transporter Unit and final mission - once 5 bombs are collected the alien control ship will appear, only direct hits with all five bombs will destroy this ship and complete the game.

How to Move


Space - Fire bombs to penetrate force barrier.

How to Load

Switch machine off then on
Hit CTRL and small ENTER together
Press PLAY then any key.

© 1986 Rino Marketing Limited

Cheat Mode(s)

No cheats found for this game. If you have one and would like to have it included on this page, please contact us.

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