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Warhawk Warhawk Warhawk Warhawk Warhawk Warhawk Warhawk Warhawk Warhawk
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Warhawk by Proteus Software

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Fly Warhawk into the Asteroid belt destroying the enemy bases, wiping out the marauding hordes of enemy starfighters. Avoid the perils of space mines and meteor showers which will erode your defensive energy shields. Once your mission is completed, advance to the next Asteroid where the defences are waiting to seal your fate.



1. Place the rewound cassette into the cassette unit and press PLAY.
2. Hold down CTRL and press the SMALL ENTER key.

AMSTRAD 664, 6128 and 464+DISK OWNERS.

1. Hold down SHIFT and press the @ key. Type TAPE and press RETURN.
2. Connect a suitable cassette player to your computer, according to the User Manual, and insert the rewound cassette.
3. Hold down CONTROL and press the ENTER key. 4. Press PLAY on the cassette player.

NOTE: Full loading instructions can be found in your Amstrad Manual.


Warhawk may be played by using either a joystick or the following keys:

] = Up
\ = Down
Space = Fire
ESC = Pause Game
A = Left and S = Right

The aim of the game is to destroy all the enemy ground bases. You will receive a welcome bonus if you manage to completely wipe out a base.

Cheat Mode(s)

full energy:
&250e: ?? -> &FF - submitted by Hermol

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