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A View To a Kill
A View To a Kill A View To a Kill A View To a Kill A View To a Kill A View To a Kill A View To a Kill A View To a Kill A View To a Kill A View To a Kill
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A View To a Kill

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A View To a Kill by Domark

Spectacular 3 part arcade adventure based on the James Bond film. Brawn and brains are needed to get you through this one. There's a Paris chase after May Day leaps from the Eiffel Tower. Stacey must be rescued from the City Hall; then secret codes to defuse the bomb must be uncovered from deep within Silicon Valley!

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Original Instructions

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Your name is Bond - James Bond, the world's top Secret Agent, and you are now embarking on one of the most important missions of your career.

Your objective is to discover the Max Zorin's latest dastardly plan. The information you need is in three main locations. Paris, where you must make contact with May Day to get a vital clue, San Francisco, where various secrets are hidden in the City Hall and a Silver Mine under Silicon Valley.

The Codes

At the end of the first two games you'll be given a code which you must type in at the start of each new game. This contains information to set up the game on how well you have done in the time you took and other information, you may reuse the codes or any new one generated by a more successful game. You may play any game at any time, but to be totally successful in the final game you must have done as well as James Bond himself!

The Real-Time Element

Each game is played in real time and you play against the clock.

Your Performance

Although James can't actually die, he can fail when you take his part!

List of Features

Pause - Select this from menu
Abort - Select this from menu and press FIRE twice (not in Paris!)
Music - You have a choice of "The James Bond Theme" by Monty Norman © 1962 United Partnerships Ltd, reproduced by permission, or the hit single "A View to a Kill" by Duran Duran and John Barry © 1985 Tritec Music Ltd/CBS Songs Ltd. Reproduced by permission at various points in the game.

Game 1: Paris Chase

Bond has lunch in the Eiffel Tower with a friendly Agent who is killed by May Day. Bond chases her up the Tower, but she hurls herself off the top and parachutes to a drop point on the outskirts of Paris. He leaps onto the roof of the Tower lift and commandeers a taxi at the bottom. Then you take over! You can follow her movements with the aid of a radio tracker which indicates proximity and altitude and her shadow will pass over your aerial view. You can see the building in front through the car windscreen and your speed, the time and your damage is indicated on the dashboard. The objective is to reach the drop point at exactly the same time as she does. Watch out for the wind changing her course.

On your way you will have to follow the one-way traffic system by following the little yellow arrows, otherwise the police will be on your tail. Paris drivers are reckless and there are barriers to avoid. You may use your pistol to knock out unwelcome vehicles which may get in your way. Try handbrake turns to avoid tricky situations.

If you fail to catch May Day the game will automatically start again.

Game 2: City Hall

Bond is now in San Francisco in his search for Max Zorin. Bond and his companion, Stacey, are pushed into the lift on their arrival at City Hall where Zorin traps them between floors and sets fire to the top floor! You must now take over! You use the 'duck shoot' by pressing FIRE, control is passed from you to the upper part of the 'duck shoot' menu. Moving left or right will scroll the objects you are carrying past the selection point.

When you have selected the object, press FIRE and control will be passed to the lower menu. If you want to go straight to the lower menu select the downward arrow. In the lower menu you have a number of actions which can be selected (see below). You can move from room to room or search, use, drop or issue commands for Stacey. You can also select the top menu to collect objects which will be useful later on, but there is a limit to what you can carry. You must get Stacey out of the lift and fight your way to safety.

The fire will spread across your view, although fire buckets will help. If you get too close to the fire your actions will be impaired.

To help, a light will shine on the plan view of the City Hall to indicate your position and rooms change colour when visited.

Use door passes correctly and try using objects to get Stacey out of the lift, then you must find an escape route.

Important! To get out you'll need a set of numbers which fit into the code holder you start off with. When filled this holder must be set to break the security locked door at the bottom right of the City Hall, and it's a long way away!

Duck Shoot Menu Controls

RETURN - Returns control to Bond.
SEARCH - Searches the room you are in. Any object which is in the room will be displayed on the upper duck shoot menu. Select the objects you want to pick up by scrolling the menu and pressing FIRE.
DROP - Drops the object selected in the upper menu.
USE - Uses the object selected in the upper menu.
GIVE - Enables you to give an object to Stacey if she is with you.
STAY- If Stacey is with you select the picture of her and she will stay in the room.
FOLLOW - If selected with Stacey's picture she will follow.
PAUSE - Allows you to pause the game.
ABORT - The lower menu will flash when this is selected, if you're sure press FIRE.

Useful Objects

Gun and Bullets
You will find a gun and bullets in the City Hall, this is useful for shooting open doors. Select the gun then select USE, two shots should do it.

Door Keys
Keys are colour coded to the appropriate door.

Security Cards
These are colour coded to the appropriate door (n.b. the yellow card is outlined in black).

Cupboard Keys
These are colour coded to cupboards.

Minepass and Geiger Counter
These come in handy in the Mine.

Game 3: The Mine - Silicon Valley

Bond has finally discovered Zorin's plan. He plans to capture the world's silicon chip market by blowing up a disused mine under the Valley and watch it crumble into the Pacific Ocean! Bond explores the mine and discovers the nuclear detonator.

The only way to get it out is to be winched down. May Day is the only person strong enough to help him. She is Zorin's henchperson but surely Bond can persuade her how crazy this plan is! You now take over! You must use objects to defuse the bomb in time. Use the lift or climb ropes but be careful, watch out for pits.

Important! When you've found May Day she will set off in another direction, meet her at the winching point later on, but make sure she is free before you leave.

Mine Duck Shoot

This works in the same way as the City Hall 'Duck Shoot' but with some different commands.

GET LIFT - If you are standing next to the lift shaft then this command will cause the lift to move to your level.
WINCH DOWN - If you have successfully assembled all the winch mechanisms and have rescued May Day then this will make her winch you down.
WINCH UP - May Day will winch you up.

Useful Objects

Grapnel Gun
Using the gun will allow you to shoot a rope up from your position to whatever is above. You can jump onto and climb the rope, when you jump off the rope will rewind.

Dynamite and Lighter
These objects may be used to blow up certain rocks.

Geiger Counter
If you have this it will be displayed on screen and will show you how close you are to the bomb.

Code Numbers

You will find numbers throughout the mine, five of these in the correct order will defuse the detonator. It is possible to find out which are the correct number and sequence, but that is a problem worthy of the best Secret Agent!

Cheat Mode(s)

No cheats found for this game. If you have one and would like to have it included on this page, please contact us.

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