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Back To The Future : Part 3
Back To The Future : Part 3 Back To The Future : Part 3 Back To The Future : Part 3 Back To The Future : Part 3 Back To The Future : Part 3 Back To The Future : Part 3 Back To The Future : Part 3 Back To The Future : Part 3 Back To The Future : Part 3
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Back To The Future : Part 3

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Back To The Future : Part 3 by Image Works

Marty's in big trouble. Having returned to 1955 to try and stop the evil Biff from changing the future for his own benefit with the aid of a stolen sports almanac, he and Doc Brown have managed to do just that.

But when the flying DeLorean with Doc inside is hit by lightning and disappears, Marty is left stranded in 1955' His troubles are far from over. Seconds after the Doc's disappearance, Marty receives a letter from him - dated 1885' After being catapulted back to the old West by the lightning bolt, Doc has decided to settle down there as a blacksmith, explaining that he's quite happy there and wants no help from Marty. Also included in the letter are specific instructions on how to find the DeLorean (which Doc has hidden in a disused mineshaft) and use it to get Marty back to 1985. But when Marty and Doc return to the mineshaft to recover the DeLorean, they discover, in the nearby graveyard, a headstone with Doc's name on it - dated just a few days after his letter to Marty! Realising he has to save the Doc before he is killed, Marty uses the DeLorean to travel back to 1885...

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Original Instructions

Note: Many of these instructions have been OCRed and may not have been proofread, as a result spelling errors, broken English and grammar are likely.


Now it's up to you, in the roles of both Marty and Doc Brown to save the day and return everyone safely to their own time. It's not going to be easy, thanks to the appearanee of Buford "Mad Dog" Tannen, the first in the long line of the evil Tannens of Hill Valley! He's been gunning for Doc since he arrived - and now he's gunning for you too.

BACK TO THE FUTURE PART III is split into four sections, which you play one after the other. Each section represents a famous scene from the movie - so if you've seen the film, so much the better. The sections get progressively harder, with the final section, in which you must get back to 1985 once and for all, the toughest of the lot. But don't worry - we'll give you some help along the way. You may pause the game during any of the sections by pressing the 'H' key, and pressing it again to continue.



Just after meeting up with each other back in 1885, Marty and Doc are planning how to get back to 1985 - when they hear somebody scream. (it's Clara, Hill Valley's new schoolteacher, on a runaway buckboard (which is, by the way, sort of a horse-pulled cart) headed straight over the ravine! Acting quietly, Doc leaps on his horse and gives chase.


The object of this first game is to reach Clara before the buckboard reaches the edge of the ravine. You're Doc, on the horse, and you start out just behind Clara on the buckboard. A window below the main sereen shows how close you and Clara are to the ravine. You don't have any direct control over the horse, as it gallops automatically. However, you can control Doc's actions. If you catch up with Clara before she reaches the edge of the ravine, you've won and it's onto the next level.

The task is made more difficult by obstacles that crop up along the way and threaten to stop Doc from saving Clara. Objects, such as Indian tomahawks and pieces of luggage that have fallen from the back of the buckboard, come flying at the Doc, and they must either be ducked under or jumped over; you'll learn which movement is appropriate, depending on the height of the object.

Some objects ean be picked up - anything that doesn't bounce, like a hat or piece of clothing can be collected by Doc by pushing diagonally down and right on the joystick. You get bonus points for every item collected. To make things more difficult, the Indians have decided to interfere. They chase after Doc on horse-back, trying to knock him off his horse. Fortunately you've got a gun to defend yourself with, and you can shoot both in front of you and behind.

Every time Doc falls off his horse, time is lost and Clara gets closer to the ravine. If vou fall off too many times, the buckboard goes over the ravine and the game is over.


As vou get closer to Clara, the action changes viewpoints at certain intervals - you're still Doc on the horse, but now you view the action from directly above with the screen scrolling upwards.


Horizontal Section

Shoot Left -> Fire Button held + Left
Shoot Right -> Fire Button held + Right
Jump -> Up
Duck -> Down
Pick Up -> Down/Right diagonal

Overhead Section

Move Up -> Up
Move Down -> Down
Move Left -> Left
Move Right -> Right
Fire -> Fire Button

In the first of the two overhead sections, you're caught in a battle between the cavalry and the Indians, and you've got to make your way through the crossfire without getting hit by their own fire. You've still got your gun, and you can shoot the Indians - but don't shoot the cavalry! Also, keep an eye out for obstacles on the ground that can knock you off your horse.

In the second overhead section, which comes in the later part of the level, you've got to make your way through Hill Valley - right in the middle of a bank robbery! Buford and his gang have been cornered by the cavalry coming out of the bank, and there's a big shootout underway. Again, avoid the bullets and shoot the bad guys, while looking out for obstacles on the ground.


Don't shoot the cavalry!



It's a night of celebration in Hill Valley. Construction of the famous clock tower has finally been completed, and Marty and Doc are there at the open-air party. While he's there, Marty notices an old-style Shooting Wagon. Unable to resist the temptation after all the practice he's put in at Wild Gunman, Marty pays up, loads up and takes aim...


In this section, the objective is simple - shoot as much as you can, as quickly as you can. This game is played in first-person perspective - which means you see things exactly as Marty sees them. Your gun appears on screen, and to help you a little, there's a special gunsight that shows exactly where you're aiming. All you have to do is aim and shoot, and try to knock out as much as you can. Don't worry about ammunition - you've got as much as you like, but time is short. A clock in the top-right hand corner ticks away as you play, and when you run out of time, Buford appears and ends the game.

The easiest targets to hit are the ducks - they scroll along the bottom of the gallery from right to left. There are also flying ducks, that come along the top of the gallery in the same direction. These move faster, so you have to be quick. There are also plenty of bonus items to watch out for, so keep your eyes open.

For more points though, watch out for the cardboard cut-outs of Buford and his gang. They appear from the shop doorways and windows - and even at point-blank range, right at the front of the screen - gunning for Marty. They can't shoot you, but they only appear for a very short time before disappearing again, so you have to be quick.


Targets aren't the only thing you can shoot. Take a look around OUTSIDE the limits of the shooting gallery itself, and try to hit some of the background obstacles. There could be interesting results! Don't shoot the old ladies, and look out for special duck bonuses!



While at the Clock Tower opening ceremony, who should turn up but the evil Buford "Mad Dog" Tannen and his gang of cronies - and they're just looking for trouble.

But when they start picking on Doc, they didn't count on meeting Marty. He may not have a gun, but he's a mean frisbee-thrower, and armed with a pile of empty pie-trays from the pie stall, Marty gives Buford and the gang a run for their money!


Buford's gang have hidden in the buildings around the Hill Valley square, leaving you out in the open with nothing but a pile of pie-trays to defend yourself with. The bad guys appear from doorways, windows and on the saloon roof and shoot at you. You've managed to grab an old oven door, which you're using as a primitive bullet-proof vest, but it can only protect you for a certain number of shots - if it gets hit too many times, it breaks open, revealing Marty's heart. The next hit is fatal.

You get your pies - in stacks of ten - from the table in the bottom-right corner of the screen. There is an infinite supply of pies, and Marty can replenish his supply at any time. To throw them, just position yourself (Marty can only move left or right) and hit fire - you can throw the trays as fast as you like. Getting positioned exactly right so you can hit your targets isn't easy, but it soon comes with practice. The trick is getting there fast enough so you can hit one of Buford's gang before they disappear again.

However, hitting a bad guy once isn't good enough. It'll get rid of him for a little while, but he'll soon be back. You must hit a bad guy three times to get rid of him for good, and when he's gone he's crossed off the Bad-O-Meter at the top of the screen. When ali six bad guys have been defeated, Buford himself appears and must be defeated. Get rid of Buford, and it's on to the final section.


Jump -> Up
Duck/Pick Up -> Down
Walk Left -> Left
Walk Right -> Right
Throw Pie/Punch -> Fire Button


You can "bend" pies in the air by swerving them. Touch the joystick in the direction you wish to swerve immediately after throwing the pie. Useful for getting into tight corners!

Level 4 : THE TRAIN


Marty and Doc have finally come up with a plan to get back to 1985 - but the only way they can get the DeLorean up to 88mph is to push it in front of a locomotive! So they decide to steal one...


You play Marty, and you start the game standing on top of the moving locomotive's last carriage. You've got to make your way along the carriages, collecting Doc's special speed logs along the way to push the train up to 88mph, and finally get to the DeLorean at the front of the train before time runs out. As you walk along the train, members of Buford's gang and the train engineers (who don't want you to steal their train) appear and confront you. Fortunately, Marty's still got some pie trays left that he can throw to knock the bad guys off the train. If they get too close, Marty can either punch them out or duck down and crawl under their legs. You must also jump to get over the gaps from carriage to carriage.

Be careful of static obstacles as the train speeds past.

Mailhooks, water towers and signals can all knock Marty off the train, so you need to duck or jump to avoid them. If you get knocked off, you're brought back on screen by your hoverboard, and you can climb back up on one of the carriage ladders to carry on.

Along the way, you must pick up the seven coloured speed logs that the careless Doc has dropped along the top of the train. Each log increases the engine's speed by 11mph, with the final one pushing it up to 88mph.

When you finally make it to the engine at the front of the train, there's one last obstacle to overcome before you can return to 1985. The locomotive's boiler has been pushed too far by the special speed logs, and it's spraying out puffs and jets of steam. The puffs are harmless, but the jets can knock Marty off. You need to edge your way up the engine carefully, avoiding the jets, and jump down to the Delorean at the front of the train. If you manage that, it's back to 1985.

But is it the end?


Every time you pick up a speed log, the train bumps as it picks up speed. Be careful you don't get knocked off when this happens, and look out too for the smoke and cinders that can confuse Marty and cause him to fall off.

Cheat Mode(s)

Level 1: Pause and type "Rotten Cheat"
Level 2: Pause and type "Lousy Cheat"
Level 3: Pause and type "Low Down Cheat" - submitted by Shaun M.Neary

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