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The Sentinel
The Sentinel The Sentinel The Sentinel The Sentinel The Sentinel The Sentinel The Sentinel The Sentinel The Sentinel
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The Sentinel

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The Sentinel by Firebird

Beyond your wildest dreams, in a world where the only force is pure energy, stands the Sentinel. Battle against him through 10,000 lands, in the most original, compelling and addictive computer game ever devised.

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Original Instructions

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Cheat Mode(s)

This poke will make you invulnerable to the Sentinel but not to his minions:

10 DATA 21,38,bd,36,1b,21
20 DATA 48,bb,36,c3,23,36
30 DATA 13,23,36,be,c3,00
40 DATA 3f,21,f3,2c,36,c3
50 DATA c9
60 MEMORY &3000:y=0
70 FOR x=&BE00 TO &BE18
80 READ a$:a=VAL("&"+a$)
90 POKE x,a:y=y+a:NEXT
100 IF y<>&90B THEN 130
110 LOAD "sentinel1"
120 CALL &BE00
130 PRINT "Data Error"

Poke by Phil Howard for Amstrad Action - submitted by Malc (CPC Zone Staff)

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