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Robocop by Ocean Software

After being transferred to Metro City in Detroit things are already looking bleak for your future as Alex Murphy.

On your first day you are shot dead by a group of cop killers and resurrected by OCP as a part man, part machine cyborg codenamed Robocop.

Before long your memory returns and it's time for some serious revenge.

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Original Instructions

Note: Many of these instructions have been OCRed and may not have been proofread, as a result spelling errors, broken English and grammar are likely.

No instructions for this game, if you own them and are able to type up or OCR the originals then please do.

Cheat Mode(s)

For this you will need the original Robocop computer game for the Amstrad CPC 464 and beware this is a tricky thing to do but it does work.

Now load the game as far as the main menu and set things up, now when you are asked to start the tape so that your level can load play the cassete until it says:

Searching For Level 1
Found Level 1

Now immediately stop the tape and fast forward to the second part of the next level, hit the play button. If you have timed things correctly the level of your choice will load instead of level 1, you can do this with every level of the game! - submitted by Malc (CPC Zone Staff)

At address 3F23 poke 00 for infinite energy - submitted by Malc (CPC Zone Staff)

Robocop Map Part 1
Robocop Map Part 2
Robocop Map Part 3
Robocop Map Part 4
Robocop Map Part 5
Robocop Map Part 6 - submitted by The Devil's Phoneix

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