Renegade by Imagine


Take on the role of Renegade, a martial arts expert capable of kicking you in the face without even you even seeing it. A gang of vigilantes are once again causing trouble in the city and you are the only person strong enough and willing enough to put a stop to it in this great beat-em-up conversion!

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Original Advertising and Promotional Work

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Original Instructions

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Cheat Mode

Not so much a cheat, however those sick of blue blood should hold down "w" "a" "d" "s" "o" and the spacebar during play. You might need to do it a few times and the blood is now red as well as it pouring from the heads. Neat effect. - submitted by Shaun M.Neary

This one will give you infinite lives:

10 DATA 21,f4,37,36,c3,23
20 DATA 36,16,23,36,be,21
30 DATA 40,00,e5,21,00,b9
40 DATA e5,c3,c9,37,e5,21
50 DATA 6e,00,36,dc,23,36
60 DATA 15,23,36,89,e1,f1
70 DATA f3,c9,21,2e,b9,36
80 DATA ed,23,36,4b,23,36
90 DATA 02,21,2e,b9,11,2e
100 DATA 79,01,26,00,ed,b0
110 DATA 3e,79,32,47,79,32
120 DATA 4b,79,32,53,79,3e
130 DATA c9,32,54,79,cd,2e
140 DATA 79,dd,21,d9,bb,11
150 DATA dd,00,cd,67,bb,21
160 DATA 62,be,22,b4,bc,c3
170 DATA 03,bc,3e,a7,32,48
180 DATA 0a,c3,40,00
190 MEMORY &3000:y=0
200 FOR x=&BE00 TO &BE69
210 READ a$:a=VAL("&"+a$)
220 POKE x,a:y=y+a:NEXT
230 IF y<>&29EC THEN 260
240 LOAD "renegade"
250 CALL &BE00
260 PRINT "Data Error!"

Poke by Phil Howard for Amstrad Action - submitted by Malc (CPC Zone Staff)

Here is a complete map for this classic beat-em-up, created by Hermol.

Renegade Map - submitted by Hermol

Renegade Videos

Watch Renegade Amstrad CPC/GX 4000 gameplay videos

Video by : yaume

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Loading Screen Comparison

Renegade Amstrad CPC Loading Screen Amstrad CPC Version
Renegade ZX Spectrum Loading Screen Spectrum Version
Renegade Commodore 64 Loading Screen Commodore 64 Version

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"This is one tough game why the decided to have keyboard and joystick use ill never understand.... its a great bash with cool GFX & SFX and a good mix of bad guys... "

Personal rating :

7 7/10

Posted by cpc4eva | Report |

"One of the very best. Great gameplay, sound and graphics. A CPC-classic"

Personal rating :

10 10/10

Posted by ivarf | Report |

"Lovely scrolling beat-em-up with a character. Ooh you`ll feel so much macho playing this! Good luck tho, it`s quite tough!"

Personal rating :

8 8/10

Posted by Gryzor | Report |

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