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Ranarama by Hewson

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Here are some useful tips:

1. The Glyphs of power do not work on the generators.
2. Do not use the glyph of travel unless you have runes of a fairly high level
3. Use the glyph of seeing to find hidden doors if you don't have the find spell
4. Do not bother having a power spell higher than any of your other spells
5. Try to clear each level before you leave it
6. Always improve your defence spell before improving your attack spell
7. Unseen is the best defence spell
8. If you do not have many runes left do not get a new attack, defence or effect spell because you may not have enough runes for a new power spell.
9. Do not choose an attack, defence or effect spell of more than one power level higher than your power spell.
10. If you are running low on power then go to a glyph of sorcery and check your power spell is higher than mortal
11. If your drain is anything but minimum then get a higher power spell
12. Try to clear a room of monsters before you lock in a ritual combat with a warlock.
13 During ritual combat always work from left to right
14. If you have just won at ritual combat be careful not to leave the room or you will loose all the runes.

Tips by Thomas Hall for Amstrad Action. - submitted by Malc (CPC Zone Staff)

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