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Rambo 3
Rambo 3 Rambo 3 Rambo 3 Rambo 3 Rambo 3 Rambo 3 Rambo 3 Rambo 3 Rambo 3
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Rambo 3

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Rambo 3 by Ocean Software

He's back and this time he's taking no prisoners. Colonel Trautman has been captured by the Russians in Afghanistan and there is only one person capable of freeing him. Negotiate the minefields, explore the boobytraps, avoid detection, free the Colonel and then..move on to the explosive climax! Rambo is back!

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Original Instructions

Note: Many of these instructions have been OCRed and may not have been proofread, as a result spelling errors, broken English and grammar are likely.

You are JOHN RAMBO, a veteran with a mission. Your colleague Colonel Trautman has been captured and is being tortured and held captive somewhere in the fort. Rambo's first job will be to locate and rescue him. Along the way you'll have the chance to rescue other prisoners and confront hordes of enemy soldiers. Various objects can be found which will either help or hinder your progress.


Type RUN" and then press ENTER key. If there is disk drive attached type I TAPE then press ENTER key. Then type RUN" and press ENTER key.

NOTE: This loads in a number of parts, when you have completed your level follow on screen instructions to load in the next part.

CONTROLS - One player game

The game is controlled by either joystick or keyboard.


K - Pick up object/swap object with inventory ENTER - Inventory screen
H - Change weapon
J - Scroll inventory
L - Use object

The following keys are redefinable:

Q - Up,
A - Down,
0 - Left,
P - Right
Space - Fire,
T - Pause - any key to restart


The panel at the bottom of the screen contains, from left to right:

Weapon and Ammunition status Inventory
Energy (face)

The weapon shown is the weapon Rambo is currently using. There are five weapons he can find:

l. KNIFE (Rambo starts off using this)

Rambo may carry all these weapons at once in the WEAPON INVENTORY Use the H key to change the weapon, and the corresponding weapon will be displayed.

The KNIFE, ARROWS and PISTOL (if used with the SILENCER) are all silent weapons and will not cause the ALARM to sound. The EXPLOSIVE ARROWS, MACHINE GUN and the PISTOL on its own, will. Should the ALARM sound, then guards will be alerted to Rambo's whereabouts and will rush to attack him, making his job much harder. The alarm will die down shortly after he swaps to a silent weapon.

Rambo has a limited supply of ammunition for any weapon that he finds, except for the knife, which is only used for close combat. Ammunition left for the current weapon is displayed underneath the weapon box. Ammunition can be replenished by finding and using an AMMO BOX.


The objects under the current score on the status panel show three of the objects Rambo is carrying. He may carry a maximum of ten at any one time. You may look at what else he is carrying by scrolling the inventory left and right or by accessing the Inventory Screen. An object can be picked up 6y scrolling the Inventory until the left box is empty, placing Rambo next to the object and pressing the K key. The object will now appear in the Inventory in the panel. If there is an object in the box when you pick up another one, the objects will be swapped.


Objects will be scattered around the fort and in the compound. These include : AMMO BOX, MEDICAL KIT, GLOW TUBE, UNIFORM, KEYS, SILENCER, RUBBER GLOVES, MINE DETECTOR AND BATTERY (FOUND SEPARATELY), INFRA-RED GOGGLES AND BATTERY (FOUND SEPARATELY), ANTIPERSONNEL MINE. These objects when picked up, will be displayed in the INVENTORY To use an object, scroll it into the middle box in the panel and press the USE key. It is expendable, e.g. an AMMO BOX, then it will disappear from the inventory. KEYS and other non´┐Żexpendable items can be used over and over again.


Having rescued the Colonel, Rambo must make his escape from the fort leaving the Colonel to rejoin the horsemen. He must make his way North, through enemy territory priming bombs that have been placed in critical locations in the fort's compound (the number which remain to be primed being displayed next to the current weapon icon). Once all bombs are primed, Rambo must find the helicopter prepared for flight in which to make his escape.

CONTROLS Same as for Section 1.
STATUS AND SCORING Same as for Section 1.


Rambo has taken control of enemy tank and only has a short distance to reach the border, where he will 6e safe from the enemy onslaught. Unfortunately, the area has been alerted to his whereabouts and will be out in full force to give him a leaving reception he will not forget in a hurry. Rambo's mission is nearly over the area must be cleared of invaders. Can one man defeat the might of a whole army? It's up to you!

CONTROLS Same as for Section l.
STATUS AND SCORING Same as for Section l.


At the top of the screen is your score (on the left), and the time (on the right).

The panel contains, among other things:
1. A Damage Counter
2. A Distance Counter - how far left to get to the border (the numerical display at the top right of the screen).
3. A Gun Heat indicator - when indicator is full it will flash and gun will not fire.

© 1988 Ocean Software Ltd

RAMBO III TM & © 1988 CAROLCO PICTURES INC. All Rights Reserved.

Cheat Mode(s)

No cheats found for this game. If you have one and would like to have it included on this page, please contact us.

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