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The number one arcade game of 1988 is recreated perfectly - 6 levels of thrilling coin-op action are brought to life on your home micro. Without fast, accurate shooting skills you will never complete your mission which takes you through steaming jungles and enemy strongholds as you attempt to liberate the prisoners.


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Operation Wolf comprises six levels of lethal arcade action, each increasing in difficulty as you progress. You are armed with a sub-machine gun with limited ammunition and a small number of grenades. Extra ammunition and grenades can be collected by shooting at them when they appear on the screen.

Animals, if shot, will sometimes drop these items, however under no circumstances should you shoot any innocent cicilians. You must protect the hostages on levels five and six from any harm in order to ensure their safe escape.

Your energy level is shown on the right hand side of the screen and this will decrease if you are shot by a solitary soldier, (substantially if you are shot by a vehicle or you accidently kill a civilian or hostage).

As you complete each level, a small amount of your energy is replenished and when you have just a few units left, the display will flash.

To complete a level you must shoot and destroy the relevant number of soldiers, tanks, helicopters etc as displayed on the bottom of the screen.

This will probably be the most dangerous mission you have ever undertaken. Be alert, be strong and above all be careful!

Status and Scoring

Status panel shows score, number of bullet magazines left, number of bullets per magazine, number of grenades and damage level. Also shown on each level is the number of baddies which need to be eliminated in order to complete level and number of hostages rescued. Points awarded for disposing of baddies vary depending on type. Points also awarded for completing level.

When damage level is full player is dead. There is one 'continue' option.

Player's damage is increased if he shoots a civilian.

Survival Summary

Magazines - Shooting this gives one extra magazine of ammunition.
Grenades - Shooting this gives one extra rocket bomb, up to a max of 5.
F-ON A BULLET - Shooting this gives an increased rate of fire for one magazine.
P-ON A BOTTLE - Shooting this improves your physical condition.

Enemy missile fire can be shot down before it hits you.

Vehicles can be destroyed by bullets, but they must be hit several times.

Hints & Tips

  • Don't fire constantly, save bullets.
  • Keep grenades for large groups of enemies and vehicles.
  • Shoot enemies which inflict most damage first.

Cheat Mode

In the light gun only version simply hold down CTRL SHIFT and ESC to move on to the next level. - submitted by Malc (CPC Zone Staff)

Operation Wolf Videos

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"Don't listen to anyone that tells you this game is anything other than brilliant."

Personal rating :

9 9/10

Posted by UKmarkh | Report |

"This is how an arcade conversion should be made.... Fantastic conversion to cpc - stop wasting your time the Operation has been initiated go and free those hostages and kill those bad guys.... An absolute blast from start to finish."

Personal rating :

9 9/10

Posted by cpc4eva | Report |

"One of the best games to grace our machine, I played this for days on end! Darned difficult as the levels progress, but oh so addicting, with beautiful graphics and hair-raising action!"

Personal rating :

10 10/10

Posted by Gryzor | Report |

"Great conversion of the most famous light gun game before Virtua Cop and Time Crisis came out. Meaty graphics, good sound and great gameplay"

Personal rating :

9 9/10

Posted by Hiro | Report |

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