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Oink by CRL

Across the far side of the galaxy, the deadly Moose faced Warlocks of Thrunge are about to enter battle with the peace-loving Fried-Egg people of Nostrilia, legendary throughout infinity for their lack of armpit sweat...

But who cares about that? You are Uncle Pigg, the porky proprietor of OINK!, the worlds funniest comic, and it's your job to get the next issue out on time! With your own two trotters you've got to assemble pages featuring zany, zitty adventures of Pete and his Enormous Pimple, Rubbishman (the Crude Crusader), and that happy hooligan Tom Thug.

For some reason Mary Lighthouse, campaigner for public morals and clean toilets has taken against OINK! and will do her beastly best to stop you! 'Butcher' back into it, and save Uncle Pigg's bacon.

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