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Newzealand Story : The
Newzealand Story : The Newzealand Story : The Newzealand Story : The Newzealand Story : The Newzealand Story : The Newzealand Story : The Newzealand Story : The Newzealand Story : The Newzealand Story : The
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Newzealand Story : The

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Newzealand Story : The by Ocean Software

Wally Walrus has captured his tea - 20 of Tiki Wiki's friends from the New Zealand zoo, and if Tiki doesn't rescue them all by tea time they'll be stuffed, served and swallowed at Wally's table. Tiki has to search Wally's domain which is just how you would expect it to be - FAT with danger! Armed only with a bow and arrow, Tiki can accumulate more weapons along the way. Beware of the malicious rabbits, boomerang throwers, deadly frogs, blood sucking bats and many many more villainous creatures.

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Original Instructions

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New Zealand Story is a peaceful old place to live - if you're a KIWI, particularly in the Auckland Zoo - Tiki is as happy as can be... Trouble turns up in the guise of a psychotic walrus who has an enormous appetite for fresh Kiwi and kidnaps Tiki and his relatives to stock the larder!

The Walrus hides his captives around the island in 20 hazardous locations but our hero escapes and sets about rescuing his buddies.


CPC 464 - Type RUN "" and then press ENTER/RETURN key.
CPC 664 and 6128 - Type I TAPE then press ENTER/RETURN key.
Then type RUN" and press ENTER/RETURN key

NOTE: This game will load in a number of parts; follow on screen instructions.

CONTROLS: Usual joystick options for UP, DOWN, LEFT RIGHT and FIRE.

The keyboard controls are redefinable and the default controls are:

UP - I
ESC to quit.


You control Tiki the Kiwi in his search for the release of his kidnapped friends. Initially, you are armed with just a bow and arrow, but occasionally when you kill an enemy, they may drop an item which you can retrieve and use yourself. There are many different types of items which you must discover yourself, but they vary from extra weapons to temporary invulnerability pills.

Kiwis cannot fly and you are no exception, however, you get around this by knocking /shooting creatures off their balloons, which you can then commandeer and take to the skies! Surprisingly, Kiwis cannot breathe underwater either, so you must be careful if you go swimming. Your oxygen level is shown on screen, so make sure you don't drown! Shooting water from your mouth replenishes oxygen and can be used to pot your adversaries.

In the earlier levels, you will be shown arrows on the background which indicate the direction you must go to release the captive Kiwi on that level, but beware, on certain stages, releasing your friend alerts the Big Guardian Creature of that level, and you must first find a way of defeating it before progressing to the next level. Hint: you must allow yourself to be swallowed by the Whale so you can destroy him from the inside!


* When in water, oxygen can be replenished by raising Tiki's head above the water - then spit by pressing fire if you want to gain oxygen quickly.
* Steal balloons by jumping on them while the baddie is still on, pushing him off.
* After a lot of practice, playing skills can be improved considerably.
* Use the duck balloon when you need speed.

Cheat Mode(s)

Type FLUFFY on the title screen to gain infinite lives (do it slowly though). - submitted by Malc (CPC Zone Staff)

Disk version:

At address C64A poke xx

*xx = Number of lives. - submitted by Malc (CPC Zone Staff)

Tape Version

255 lives:
&c64a: ?? -> &FF

Infinite lives:
&7e3d: &33 -> &00 - submitted by Hermol

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