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Arkanoid 2 : Revenge of Doh
Arkanoid 2 : Revenge of Doh Arkanoid 2 : Revenge of Doh Arkanoid 2 : Revenge of Doh Arkanoid 2 : Revenge of Doh Arkanoid 2 : Revenge of Doh Arkanoid 2 : Revenge of Doh Arkanoid 2 : Revenge of Doh Arkanoid 2 : Revenge of Doh Arkanoid 2 : Revenge of Doh
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Arkanoid 2 : Revenge of Doh

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Arkanoid 2 : Revenge of Doh by Imagine

Eons have passed...yet despite apparent annihilation in the original Arkanoid game, dimension-controlling force "DOH" has come back to life, and occupying the huge space-craft ZARG, has entered our universe.

Arkanoid type space-fighter MIXTEC runs through long forgotten computer data until it finds the answers to this threat..."VAUS 2" is launced and speeds towards the threatening alien presence, before it can extract its revenge..."The Revenge of Doh"

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Original Instructions

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The game is controlled by either Joystick or the keyboard.




On-screen scoring displays score, hi-score, number of lives remaining and the level attained.

Points awarded are between 60 and 140 for destroying a brick, depending on the colour. Hitting aliens scores 100 points and collecting a capsule gives you 1000 points.

An extra life is awarded at 50,000 points and collecting a 'P' capsule.


You control the Vaus craft, which can be moved from left to right. Using your skills, you must deflect an energy bolt which will gradually break down the wall confronting you. Certain coloured bricks must be hit more than once and others are completely indestructible. Alien life forms descend at random to hinder you but are eliminated on contact with either the Vaus or the energy bolt.


You are aided in your attempts with energy capsules which are hidden beneath certain bricks. These capsules are released upon the destruction of the brick. Each capsule has a different power, denoted by a letter painted on its side. These powers are as follows:

B - Breaks through the side wall, giving the Vaus an alternative escape route to the next level.
C - Enables you to catch the bolt, move to the desired position and then fire.
D - Disrupts the bolt into five separate components, thereby giving you five times the effect.
E - Expands the Vaus, giving you more chance to deflect the energy bolt.
G - Gives the Vaus a ghost, which trails along behind the Vaus but cannot deflect the energy bolt.
L - Arms your Vaus with a laser, allowing it to shoot through the bricks and aliens.
M - Breaks the bolt into three separate components, which regenerate when each one is lost.
P - Awards you an extra life.
R - Reduces your Vaus, making it harder to deflect the energy bolt.
S - Slows down the speed of the energy bolt, making it easier to deflect.
T - This causes a twin of the Vaus to appear. These craft are identical and give you twice the effect.
Special Capsule - This bestows a random special power on the Vaus.


* The disruption capsule is of great use if your energy bolt is trapped behind a wall.
* The laser is most useful to break down bricks which require a number of hits.
* Using the very edge of your Vaus to deflect the bolt will give you a much sharper angle, most useful for manoeuvering into restrictive places.


Cheat Mode(s)

In order to skip levels press the following keys on the intro screen:


Then hit the ESC key during play to skip levels. - submitted by Malc (CPC Zone Staff)

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