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Arkanoid by Imagine

The blockbuster! screen after screen of one of the most addictive arcade games ever! It's true to the original with sharp graphics and play features such as lazers, catch and hold, elongator and much, much more. This is Arkanoid - the real thing.

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Original Instructions

Note: Many of these instructions have been OCRed and may not have been proofread, as a result spelling errors, broken English and grammar are likely.



Left = Z to V
Right = B to M, SPACE
Fire = A to L

Cheat Mode(s)

This one allows you to skip levels by pressing ESC on your keyboard:

10 DATA 21,4d,bf,36,31,23
20 DATA 36,be,c3,00,bf,21
30 DATA e2,39,36,c3,23,36
40 DATA 21,23,36,be,21,40
50 DATA 00,e5,21,00,bb,e5
60 DATA c3,b7,39,e5,21,91
70 DATA 01,36,e4,23,36,5b
80 DATA 23,36,d1,e1,f1,f3
90 DATA c9,21,b1,02,22,83
100 DATA 06,c3,e5,45
110 y=0:MEMORY &2000
120 FOR x=&BE00 TO &BE39
130 READ a$:a=VAL("&"+a$)
140 POKE x,a:y=y+a:NEXT
150 IF y<>&1B37 THEN 180
160 LOAD "arkanoid"
170 CALL &BE0B

Poke by Phil Howard for Amstrad Action - submitted by Malc (CPC Zone Staff)

To skip levels press the keys T A I and O when the game is on the title screen. Now start the game and tap ESC (escape) when you've had enough. - submitted by Malc (CPC Zone Staff)

At address 20FE poke 00 for infinite lives. - submitted by Malc (CPC Zone Staff)

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