Nebulus by Hewson

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Cheat Mode

Poke 909D C9
(Poke 2FC7,7 when you need to drop off platform ie. top of Slippery Slide)

*** Not sure about the poke in brackets. - submitted by cpc4eva

Loading Screen Comparison

Nebulus Amstrad CPC Loading ScreenNebulus ZX Spectrum Loading ScreenNebulus Commodore 64 Loading Screen

From left to right (where available): Amstrad CPC, ZX Spectrum and Commodore 64. Thanks to Lemon64 and WOS for helping me with this section.

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A beautiful concept very nicely executed -another Hewson gem. Very nice presentation and pretty and very functional graphics/scrolling. A very nice gaming experience!

Personal rating : 8/10

Posted by Gryzor

You wont find many games similar to this - Hewson were experts at developing original & unique games that oozed playability with cool graphics, colourful sprites & catchy tunes Nebulus is a fantastic concept that also turned out to be a great game to play... I think the ending is bugged though.

Personal rating : 7/10

Posted by cpc4eva

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Also Known As: Tower Toppler

First released : 1988



Chris Wood

Genre: Platform

Music and Sound

Chris Wood

Graphics and Production:

Chris Wood

Number of Players :

Controls :
Keyboard or Joystick

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Official Awards Won

Amstrad action rated this game: 93%

Master Game

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Nebulus</a> for the ZX Spectrum (WoS) Nebulus</a> for the Commodore 64 (Lemon64) Nebulus for the Amiga (Lemon Amiga) None available for the MSX

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