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Navy Moves
Navy Moves Navy Moves Navy Moves Navy Moves Navy Moves Navy Moves Navy Moves Navy Moves Navy Moves
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Navy Moves

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Navy Moves by Dinamic

Message for Commando No. 78744003HZ. Description of terrain. The commando is informed of the probable zones of the mission. The Mission. Locate and destroy the nuclear submarine U-5544, equipped with raider-homing torpedoes. It's action all the way in this arcade game from Dinamic.

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Original Instructions

Note: Many of these instructions have been OCRed and may not have been proofread, as a result spelling errors, broken English and grammar are likely.


Keyboard - Fully redefinable

D - Up
0 - Left
A - Down
P - Right
M - Select between gun and flame thrower. (Part 2 only)
H - Pause

Joystick - When this is selected, you will be asked to select a key for 'SELECT BETWEEN WEAPONS' and a pause key.


The commando is informed of the probable zones of the mission:

Locate and destroy the nuclear submarine U-5544, equipped with RAIDER-HOMING

KEY NAME OF MISSION: Operation Octopus


ZONE 1: On the son surface.
AIM: To find the best spot for immersion.
ENEMIES AND PERILS: The waters are infested with USSEX-12 mines with a detonation device upon contact and 2.300g. of solid explosive.
The enemy commandos will each pilot a b speed Aquatic GPX SUZUKI with a bicylindric DOHC motor.

ZONE 2: Below the surface. AIM: To locate the entrance to the enemy base. Once there, rapture the bathyscaphe.

Once there, capture the bathyscaphe.
ENEMIES AND PERILS: Avoid the contact with sharks and scubadivers that control the entry of enemy base.

ZONE 3: In the bathyscaphe.
AIM: Leave enemies' base and penetrate in the nuclear submarine through the exit door for remainders.

ENEMIES AND PERILS: Giant octopii hidden in enormous and dark caves.

Giant sea monster must be shot in the mouth.


* The commandos on the aquatic motorbikes are kamikazes. Shoot them dawn before they collide with you.
* Never enter in contact with a shark.
* Shoot the Octopii with two missiles at o time, the effect will be triple!
* To destroy the sea monster shoot it repeatedly inside its mouth.


You are provided with a HIGGINS "PT" motorboat with an 890hp. HONDA motor, an assault rifle weighing 4.140 kg which can he submerged 400 feet and a DINMIC-GN12 immersion gear. The commando is provided with a repetition rifle and an incorporated FLAMMENWERFER flame-thrower Use the selection button to switch from rifle to flame-thrower or viceversa.

SECOND PART: Inside the submarine

AIM: To set a bomb at the base of the reactor and escape alive. In order to escape you will have to stop the submarine make it emerge and transmit the key message to your base. To perform any function you have to connect with the central computer of the submarine through any of the terminals within. You also need to know the identification code of the Official in charge of the area related to the order you want to send. E.g.: to open the door to the base of the reactor you must obtain the Machine Official's code and then transmit the order to the central computer.

* To obtain the codes, locate the Official, shoot him and search him.



When you have communicated the success of your mission go up to the control tower and wait for your colleague to rescue you

© 1989 DINAMIC

Cheat Mode(s)

Access Code
Part 2 access code: 28750 - submitted by Zombie13

At address 7D01 poke FF for 255 Lives - submitted by Malc (CPC Zone Staff)

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