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Android 2
Android 2 Android 2 Android 2 Android 2 Android 2 Android 2 Android 2 Android 2 Android 2
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Android 2 by Vortex Software

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Original Instructions

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Stop the advance of the Millitoids. Survive the maze of death, rationalise the paradox zone and overcome the dangers encountered in the flatlands.

Achieve this and return to the transporter capsule before the departure dead line. But beware. There are lethal Hoverdroid, Bouncers and land mines everywhere. 3D full colour graphic effects, fast action machine code and multi-screen wrap around zones make Android Two a mindblowing action game.


* 100% machine code game.
* Full instructions on tape.
* Keyboard or Joystick option.
* Total control of Android.
* 3D representation with superb full colour graphics.
* 3 multi-screen wrap around zones.
* Advance warning radar and direction indicator.
* 5 lives.
* High speed transportation between all 3 zones.
* Time factor.
* Millitoids, Hoverdroids and Bouncers.
* Rapid fire photon blaster.
* Obstacles, land mines and mine detector.
* On screen scoring with high score.

Cheat Mode(s)

For immunity to aliens and infinite time:

10 OPENOUT "d":MEMORY &500
20 LOAD "and2mc",&A8C
30 ' Immunity to aliens
40 POKE &2806,&C9
50 ' Infinite time
60 POKE &3070,&C9:CALL &A8C - submitted by Malc (CPC Zone Staff)

At address 2822 poke 00 for infinite shields - submitted by Malc (CPC Zone Staff)

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