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Jail Break
Jail Break Jail Break Jail Break Jail Break Jail Break Jail Break Jail Break Jail Break Jail Break
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Jail Break by Konami

It's every prisons worst nightmare - the inmates have broken out and they've got the town in their hands. These men are hardened criminals, armed to the hilt, and aren't affraid to gun you down. All they've got to lose is their lives. Just move in, knock 'em down and round 'em up. Enjoy!

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Cheat Mode(s)

This one will give you infinite lives:

20 LOAD "!",&A100
30 FOR x=1 TO 6:READ a:POKE a,&A1:NEXT
40 READ a:POKE a,&BF
50 FOR x=&BF00 TO &BF06: READ a$
60 POKE x,VAL("&"+a$):NEXT
70 CALL &A100
80 DATA 41218,41221,41246,41429,41263,41285,41274
90 DATA af,32,7b,cd,c3,00,f0

Poke by Declan Kennedy for Amstrad Action. - submitted by Malc (CPC Zone Staff)

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