Ikari Warriors by Elite Systems Ltd

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Original Advertising and Promotional Work

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Original Instructions

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Cheat Mode

Rewind your tape, enter the following poke and type RUN "" to load the game.

This superpoke will give you infinite power (LINE 70), infinite ammo (LINE 80), no enemy soldiers (LINE 90), no damage from explosions (LINE 100) and to keep all explosions on the screen (LINE 110).

You can delete any of those lines to remove the poke.

20 OPENOUT "d"
40 MEMORY 4799
50 LOAD "warriors"
60 FOR a=0 to 2
70 POKE &1C82+a,0
80 POKE &1CA3+a,0
90 POKE &1CA6+a,0
100 POKE &1CAF+a,0
110 POKE &1CC7+a,0
120 NEXT
130 FOR a=0 TO 17
140 READ a$
150 POKE &FFD0+a,VAL("&"+a$)
160 NEXT
170 CALL &FFD0
180 DATA f3,31,00,00,21,c0,12
190 DATA 11,00,01,00,bf,ed,b0
200 DATA c3,00,01 - submitted by Malc (CPC Zone Staff)

When the prompts come up on screen for you to choose the controls, player one should choose keyboard and enter the joystick controls. Player two should choose joystick one. Now choose a two player game. The two players will be controlled by the same joystick.

Move them to the edge of the screen until they've closed up into formation. Now you can move about blasting with twice the firepower.

Hint by David Swindon for Amstrad Action. - submitted by Malc (CPC Zone Staff)

At address 5878 poke 18 for invulnerability
At address 59D8 poke B7 for infinite grenades
At address 5960 poke B7 for infinite bullets - submitted by Malc (CPC Zone Staff)

Ikari Warriors Videos

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Video by : Axelino

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Loading Screen Comparison

Ikari Warriors Amstrad CPC Loading ScreenIkari Warriors ZX Spectrum Loading ScreenIkari Warriors Commodore 64 Loading Screen

From left to right (where available): Amstrad CPC, ZX Spectrum and Commodore 64. Thanks to Lemon64 and WOS for helping me with this section.

Your Comments and Memories

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"Absolutly stonking! Shame about the ending though! Definitly one of the best games on the Amstrad!"

Personal rating : 10/10

Posted by scooby1970 | Report |

"I feelt that it couldn`t be better"

Personal rating : 10/10

Posted by ivarf | Report |

"This is one of the best games on the Amstrad and one of the most memorable ones. Great action, fluid gameplay and lots of nice features. Yes, movement may be a bit slow but nothing that detracts you from the art of survival!"

Personal rating : 9/10

Posted by Gryzor | Report |

"its a good game and you`ll enjoy it but i found movement was on the slow side. I love arcade / fighting / shoot em ups and ikari warriors is a good concept but i felt i t could have been better."

Personal rating : 7/10

Posted by cpc4eva | Report |

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