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Forgotten Worlds
Forgotten Worlds Forgotten Worlds Forgotten Worlds Forgotten Worlds Forgotten Worlds Forgotten Worlds Forgotten Worlds Forgotten Worlds Forgotten Worlds
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Forgotten Worlds

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Forgotten Worlds by Capcom

Two cool dudes, one hot situation, eight megalithic adversaries ... it all adds up to a whole lot of trouble. Rated very highly be magazines and retrogamers alike this is a shoot-em-up that simple has to be played for yourself before judgements are made.

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Original Instructions

Note: Many of these instructions have been OCRed and may not have been proofread, as a result spelling errors, broken English and grammar are likely.

Controlling The Game

FORGOTTEN WORLDS can be operated by a joystick or the keyboard. The player's character can maneuver in all directions by moving the joystick in the desired direction. The character can also fire the weapon(s) in a 360 degree arc, thereby maximizing the offensive capabilities.

If you move the character up, down, left, or right while pressing the fire button on the joystick, this will change the direction of his aim. If you wish to keep the direction of fire at one place, release the fire button before moving the character. With experience, this will become apparent.

Keyboard Controls:

Q - up
A - down
O - left
P - right
SPACE - fire

Or Joystick

Each player must press FIRE to begin. Player 1 always begins first. Once player 1 has begun, Player 2 can join in by pressing FIRE on another control device.]

Tips For Game Play

Look for the shops hidden among the ruins. With gathered zenny coins, you can purchase valuable weapons and healing medicines to assist you.

Don't get comfortable in one firing position, the aliens will be coming at you from all sides!

Each major enemy has a vital vulnerable spot. You must locate this to destroy them.

Cheat Mode(s)

At address 00F3 poke 00 for infinite energy - submitted by Malc (CPC Zone Staff)

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