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Fast Food
Fast Food Fast Food Fast Food Fast Food Fast Food Fast Food Fast Food Fast Food Fast Food
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Fast Food

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Fast Food by Codemasters

Help Dizzy eat the pepperoni pizza, finger lickin chicken and big juicy burgers, then catch desert - a milkshake, ketchup and relish! YUK! But watch out for Bonzo, Fido, Wizza and Pippa 'cos they're after you.

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Help DIZZY eat the finger lickin' chicken and big juicy burgers, then catch desert - a milkshake, ketchup and relish! YUK!! But watch out for BONZO, FIDO, WIZZA and PIPPA 'cos they're after you!

"East to puck up, but remains challenging to the end. Great value...77%" Trenton Webb, AMSTRAD ACTION


Dizzy's back! In Fast Food, Dizzy, must run around mazes scoffing loadsa food - chickens, burgers, pizzas, milkshakes - but there's a complication... look out for the monsters...

BONZO - He's slow and stupid, but he could catch you if you don't keep an eye on him. Bonzo is GREEN

WIZZA - He's fast, but not too clever - run if he follows you, and he'll probably take the wrong turn at one of the junctions. Wizza is YELLOW

PIPPA - She's cyte and deadly - she's dead clever, but if you're quick you can outrun her. Pippa is PINK

FIDO - He's dead sneaky - he'll try and head you off at junctions, so you should watch him carefully! Fido is BLUE




Left = Z
Right = X
Up = K
Down = M
Press P to pause during play
Press Q to quit the title screen

PLAYING THE GAME You get a 50 point bonus for finishing a level. After every third level completed there is a cartoon to watch and you're given an extra life.

On higher levels there are thin hedges that only Dizzy can go thru which are obviously useful.

There are also dead hedges which Dizzy can kick down if he gets a good run- up.

If you find a way to beat a level, chances are that it will work next time too. For anyone clever enough to reach level 30, there's a big surprise!!!


Dizzy must eat all the food in a maze so that he can move on to the next level. Watch out for...

BURGERS are blind so they travel around the maze not knowing where Dizzy is. This makes them easy to eat.

CHICKENS just DON'T want to be eaten. They're fast and will run away from you! The only way to catch them is to head them off.

PIZZAS don't mind being eaten - that's life when you're a pizza. They are fairly easy to catch.

MILKSHAKES are the easiest of all - they want to be drunk, they actually come to you!

Sometimes other mysterious things fall into the maze, like:

MAGIC BOOTS which double Dizzy's running speed. You'll have to think fast, but you can outrun everything.

RELISH (in a GREEN bottle) slows down the monstets.

MUSTARD (in a ORANGE bottle) freezes the monsters.

KETCHUP (in a RED bottle) Wave bye-bye to those horrible monsters!

Also look out for SHIELDS which let Dizzy eat the monsters, tokens to make you INVISIBLE and tokens to SLOW DOWN or SPEED UP the game.

Cheat Mode(s)

At address 570c poke 00 for infinite lives. - submitted by Malc (CPC Zone Staff)

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