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F1 Tornado Simulator
F1 Tornado Simulator F1 Tornado Simulator F1 Tornado Simulator F1 Tornado Simulator F1 Tornado Simulator F1 Tornado Simulator F1 Tornado Simulator F1 Tornado Simulator F1 Tornado Simulator
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F1 Tornado Simulator by Zeppelin Games

Take off from an Aircraft Carrier situated in the Gulf at 05:30 hours... Fly through enemy lines eliminating any aggressive opposition ...Destroy enemy Headquarters and identified enemy installations ..Return to Base ... Intelligence ... sources suggest that enemy's land and sea defences are ready for imminent attack.

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Mission Briefing

The F1 Tornado flies from the allies Aircraft Carrier on the edge of the Gulf battle zone. Your mission is to seek out and destroy all enemy installations, frigates, aircraft, tanks and gun emplacements.

As well as its oil-cooled machine-guns, the F1 Tornado can pick up further weapons from destroyed enemy aircraft. When a fighter carrying a sophisticated weapon system is destroyed, picking up the Weapon.

System icon allows you to choose from the following:

Reverse Fire - Positions the machine guns to fire to the front and rear to remove the threat of a tail attack.
Double Fire - Doubles the firing capacity of the machine-guns with devastating results.
Speed Up - Gives the F1 Tornado greater speed and maneuverability for Dogfighting.
Heat Seeking Missiles - Forms a shield of Fire around the F1.
Cluster Bombs - The latest Explosives Technology makes these bombs capable of performing extensive damage.

Once a weapon system has been installed, the F1's on-board computer flashes up the equipment available. Pressing 'Escape' selects the weapon for use for a measured period of time. Collecting more Weapon System icons allows the weapons to be used for a greater period of time.

Prepare for battle ... you only have three chances to complete your
mission ... Best of Luck ...


1. Keyboard - Press to toggle between Keyboard and Joystick control
2. Define the Keys - Allows the keys to be altered from those set by

Joystick or Keyboard

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