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I Alien
I Alien I Alien I Alien I Alien I Alien I Alien I Alien I Alien I Alien
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I Alien

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I Alien by CRL

They said they were "friends". They said they had come to "negotiate the trading of rare minerals" Standing in the shadow of the dark, dismal starship hovering silently above, we were completely unaware of the macabre fate that awaited us. No, the humans hadn't come in search of precious minerals. They had come for us. Radiation poisoning from a recent nuclear war has driven Earth's entire animal population into premature extinction, forcing the humans to scour new planets for livestock and laboratory specimens. Our fate is sealed, or is it? There is one last chance of survival. Hidden deep within the bowels of the planet lies an old escape pod. All you have to do is fight your way through the starship, across the planet surface and through the underground sewer to the escape pod, so you can fly to your neighbours for help. Should be no trouble for a superalien like you. By the way, did I mention the bomb...

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