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Athena by Imagine

Transported to a strange, forbidding land, Athena, a bold oriental princess, must battle for survival against the denizens of its various areas to reach the Dark Overlord who brought her to his realm as a pawn for his macabre games.

But the blood of a hundred Samurai runs through the veins of our heroine and she has vowed to wreak revenge on her hideous tormentor and his evil underlings. Steeling herself against the horrors to come she sets forth on her perilous quest.

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Original Instructions

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Proceed through each of the six worlds, cracking open bricks to discover hidden weapons, armour and dangers which may aid or hinder your adventures; the enemies you encounter may also carry useful items to help you progress!

Each level has two exits into the next world; both are guarded but one will have a powerful sentinel to overcome. As Athena proceeds she can increase the strength of her armour (when obtained) and her weapons by the acquisition of the various hidden icons in the rocks. Discovery of the icon's powers is only part of Athena's quest though; survival is paramount.


If you lose all lives you will be offered the option of starting again, from the point where you left off. This option is offered three times, after which you must restart the whole game.

NOTE - The option will not be available in the final world.


On-screen display shows current score, hi-score and number of lives, together with the time remaining to complete the current level.

On the left of the screen is a gauge showing your life level and on the right another for strength (of weapons held) and HIT (the effect- iveness of your armour).

Below this are the icons displaying the objects you have collected. Points are gained by hitting the protagonists that you encounter; the larger they are the more points you score.

There are also special enemies that gain scoring of 10,000 to a 100,000 points, but these you must discover for yourself. Bonuses are achieved for completing a world or by eliminating the monster guarding the entrance to the next one. Extra lives are gained by collecting the treasure chests hidden behind some of the rocks.


1.Collect all the hearts that appear from roses to increase your life level.
2. If this level is low towards the end of a particular world, try to find an alternative route, as battling the sentinel may not be the only way.
3. Learn which rocks hide useful objects so that you know the sections of rocks that are best to break through.
4. Look for objects that will allow you to move more easily through the worlds and learn which routes lead to the most powerful weapons.

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