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Electronic Music Utility
Electronic Music Utility Electronic Music Utility Electronic Music Utility Electronic Music Utility Electronic Music Utility Electronic Music Utility Electronic Music Utility Electronic Music Utility Electronic Music Utility
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Electronic Music Utility by Discovery Software

EMU is a Music and Sound Effects generator that will take a great deal of hard work, and mystery, away from programming the Amstrad CPC Sound Chip. Moreover, all your creations can be Saved in a form that lets you use them in your Basic or Machine code programs, totally separate from the EMU environment, and in such a way that your own program carries on working while your music plays, automatically driven by the computer's interupts.

EMU is a fairly large and very comprehensive utility, that despite its complexity, has been kept very simple to use. Almost everything is achieved by means of MENUS and by the use of the cursor keys to move around these Menus.

EMU shows you graphically on the screen a numerical interpretation of sound-pitch, volume and duration - and lets you experiment with changes to the numbers and hear the results instantly. You can generate MUSIC in full 3-part harmony and different voices or with percussive effects and with a screen display in correct musical notation. You can create single sound effects - explosions, alarms etc, - for games, with graphs on the screen showing the shapes of the Volume and Tone ENVELOPES you have defined. You can Save and Load all the data you have defined, in its EMU format, so that you can carry on working on your masterpiece another day. But, most important of all, you can Save this data for use in your own programs.

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