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Edd the Duck
Edd the Duck Edd the Duck Edd the Duck Edd the Duck Edd the Duck Edd the Duck Edd the Duck Edd the Duck Edd the Duck
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Edd the Duck

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Edd the Duck by Impulze

Yo! Doods!! this is me Edd the duck starring in my very own first ever computer game about me and my showbiz life at the BBC. Being a full time mega-star is no easy-task! Come with me to famous departments in television centre and help collect the stars that'll take us to the top! I'll save you from the evil "arglefrogs" with my special snowball shooter - one blast and they freeze!!

Its dead awesome! It's great! and I'm in it! haha!

Love Edd the Duck xxx

P.S. The evil "arglefrogs" are almost as ugly as Wilson the butler!!

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