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Airborne Ranger
Airborne Ranger Airborne Ranger Airborne Ranger Airborne Ranger Airborne Ranger Airborne Ranger Airborne Ranger Airborne Ranger Airborne Ranger
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Airborne Ranger

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Airborne Ranger by Microprose

You are a member of the elite corps selected for your courage, ingenuity, and special skills to go on the most dangerous missions. Parachute behind enemy lines armed only with a machine gun and hand grenades.

Airborne ranger is a fast paced action-simulator that challenges your strategic skills and reflexes. Control one soldiers battle against overwhelming odds. You can run, walk or crawl across full-scrolling 3D terrain using trees, bushes and ravines to avoid the enemy or set up an ambush.

Whether rescuing hostages from a terrorist prison or infiltrating the headquarters of an enemy unit, every mission takes careful planning and pinpoint execution. First drop caches of weapons and first aid supplies, outmanoeuvre the enemy, then locate the pickup zone in order to reach safety. Airborne Ranger is an exciting combination of action, danger and suspense.

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