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Vampire Killer
Vampire Killer Vampire Killer Vampire Killer Vampire Killer Vampire Killer Vampire Killer Vampire Killer Vampire Killer Vampire Killer
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Vampire Killer

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Vampire Killer by Scorpio Gamesworld

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The Game : The objective is to get from the ground floor to the 12th floor and stake Dracula, on the way you must collect the right amount of garlic, crucifixes, stakes and hammers otherwise when you find him he will kill you. On each floor there are twelve rooms of which contain items you need others contain ghosts or skeletons which will shock you, if your shock level gets too high you run, terrified from the house. Behind some doors you will find bullets which can be used to shoot the bats and spiders which block your path on the corridors. To get from floor to floor there are lifts but beware they don't work properly and you don't know whether you will go up or down until you step into the lift. Beware also of the shafts hidden behind some doors. Enter one of these and you'll fall back to the floor.

Good luck (you're gonna need it!)

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