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Palitron Palitron Palitron Palitron Palitron Palitron Palitron Palitron Palitron
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Palitron by The Edge

As a type 3B dash alpha robot you seek to deactivate a city of the future. Featuring unique "programmable" robots.

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Original Instructions

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Cheat Mode(s)

This one will give you infinite lives:

10 MEMORY &2710
30 FOR f=0 TO 15:READ a:INK f,a
50 LOCATE 3,12:PRINT "Loading..."
60 LOAD "!!TPAL.BIN",&88A4
70 FOR f=&8AA4 TO &8AB9
80 READ a$:POKE f,VAL("&"+a$)
100 CALL &8A44
110 DATA 00,26,13,10,23,07,05,06
120 DATA 15,14,04,08,17,16,02,01
130 DATA 21,ad,8a,22,07,89,c3,a4
140 DATA 88,21,23,24,06,06,23,36
150 DATA 00,10,fb,c3,00,01

Poke by Paul Robson for Amstrad Action. - submitted by Malc (CPC Zone Staff)

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