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You are working as an independent part of the police force in an organisation known as Chase HeadQuarters (Chase HQ) and with the aid of your clever administration assistant Nancy you are guided along busy roads and freeways in order to track down, stop and arrest known murderers, car thieves and robbers. It's all in a days work.


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Original Instructions

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This is a one player game which can be played with either joystick in port one or keyboard which is redefinable.

Joystick Controls:


Preset Keys:


Status and Scoring:

You have 60 seconds to catch up with the target vehicle and then a further 60 seconds in which to ram it off the road. Points are scored as you progress along the road.

Points are allowed for passing cars as follows:-

First car passed - 200 points
Second car passed - 400 points
This continues up to 8,000 points, but if you hit another car (other than your target) the scoring will restart at 200 points.
When you reach the target vehicle you will score 10,000 points for each hit on the first level and 20,000 points for each hit on the second level etc.
There is also a 'hidden' special bonus which may be awarded.
Points will be awarded for time remaining on each level, with a cumulativebonus for completing each level starting at 100,000 points.
There will be an extra bonus for completing the game.
When you catch up with the criminals car a hit indicator will appear on the screen. This will show how many times you have to hit the target vehicle; when this indicator is full your car will automatically overtake the criminals and stop them.


Your instructions come from Nancy at Chase Headquaters as she sends a description of the criminals vehicle to your on-board computer. You have limited time to catch up to the villain, at which point you will be allotted a further time bonus to force him off the road. To achieve this you must ram his car a number of times - as shown on your status panel. If you run into any other vehicles this will slow you down and make the capture more difficult. However, you have a limited number of Turbo Boosts which will give you extra acceleration for a very short period. Use these wisely! When you have inflicted the necessary number of collisions, the criminals car will pull over to the side of the road, and you can arrest them.

There are five missions in all, each successively tougher than the last, taking you over various landscapes and through different towns. Occasionally you will be presented with a fork in the road and an arrow will indicate the shortest route to take. A constant hazard is the presence of other innocent, but appalling drivers whom you must avoid, or pay the time penalty.

The clock is ticking, crimes are being committed, your Porsche is tanked-up and the bad guys are getting away.


Hints and Tips:

* Only use your turbo when ramming the target vehicle.
* Slow down when the road splits and follow the correct turn-off.
* Take your time when 'bashing' to increase your score.
* Try and find the hidden bonuses.
* You will score less for using the continue-play option.

Cheat Mode

Redefine the keys as: S H O C K E D The word TEST will appear in the bottom right hand corner, now redefine the keys again but use those that you are going to play the game with this time. Now once the game has started press: 1 to restart the current level 2 to go to the next level 3 to see the end sequence.

And those that have a Multiface here is an extra cheat: At address 2074 poke 00 for infinite time. - submitted by Malc (CPC Zone Staff)

For the disc version:

At address 2022 poke 00 for infinite time
At address 3820 poke 00 for infinite turbo

For the cassette version:

At address 2074 poke 00 for infinite time
At address 3B72 poke 00 for infinite turbo - submitted by Malc (CPC Zone Staff)

Chase HQ Videos

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Chase HQ Amstrad CPC Loading Screen Amstrad CPC Version
Chase HQ ZX Spectrum Loading Screen Spectrum Version
Chase HQ Commodore 64 Loading Screen Commodore 64 Version

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"Great great game! Chase HQ has everything you could ever want from the greatest Home Computer ever! Play it again, and again!"

Personal rating :

9 9/10

Posted by scooby1970 | Report |

"Total agreeance with wat has already been said by others.... just look at the c64 screen looks worse than the speccys.... The cpc version is the best by a mile - it plays like an absolute dream...... LETS GO MR DRIVER - YIPPPPEEEE!!!"

Personal rating :

9 9/10

Posted by cpc4eva | Report |

"A fabulous Arcade title and a fabulous conversion. It won Best 8-bitArcade Conversion in some awards (long time ago) and it was well earned. A cracking game, play it and enjoy it."

Personal rating :

9 9/10

Posted by Jumpman | Report |

"A fantastic conversion, beats the c64 hands down and would deserve a 10 just for that if it weren`t for the fab graphics, great sound and really addictive and fantastic gameplay. Ocean at its best. Also features sampled speech :) One of the best CPC games EVER."

Personal rating :

10 10/10

Posted by Gryzor | Report |

"Great conversion of a classic arcade game. The CPC version being clearly superior to the other 8 bit versions"

Personal rating :

10 10/10

Posted by Hiro | Report |

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