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Camelot Warriors
Camelot Warriors Camelot Warriors Camelot Warriors Camelot Warriors Camelot Warriors Camelot Warriors Camelot Warriors Camelot Warriors Camelot Warriors
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Camelot Warriors

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Camelot Warriors by Dinamic

You are about to begin a journey of no return! You must cross the gate of mystery, penotrate treacherous worlds and defeat fierce enemies to discover the secret magic mystery.

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Original Instructions

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4 things from 20 century have entered into Camelot world: The Other World Voice, THe Knowlege Mirror, The Live Drink, The Fire That Does Not Burn. It will be asy for you to distinguish them; you must take them and show to each world guardian so that they can destroy the items. Is is not easy to win all your enemies, but you have the support of a sword that kills some animals, and a jump that avoids you being hit by others. Thus: wait, calculate and think before acting.


Keyboard or Joystick.

Cheat Mode(s)

For this to work you must skip past the block labelled "CAMELOT" before running the following poke:

10 MODE 0 : MEMORY 34999
20 LOAD "!C",36000
30 POKE &8D01,&C3: POKE &8D02,0
40 POKE &8D03,&BF: POKE &BF00,&21
50 POKE &BF01,&8F: POKE &BF02,8
60 POKE &BF03,&36: POKE &BF04,&C9
70 POKE &BF05,&CD: POKE &BF06,&4A
80 POKE &BF07,&1: CALL 36000

Poke by Paul Wilton for Amstrad Action. - submitted by Malc (CPC Zone Staff)

At address 089E poke 00 for infinite lives - submitted by Malc (CPC Zone Staff)

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