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Yarkon Blues
Yarkon Blues Yarkon Blues Yarkon Blues Yarkon Blues Yarkon Blues Yarkon Blues Yarkon Blues Yarkon Blues Yarkon Blues
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Yarkon Blues

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Yarkon Blues by Cronosoft

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away...

The camera pans slowly, coming to rest on a small, lone trading ship weaving it's merry way through the vast gulfs of deep space.

The ship is Odour-Eater II and is the property, though only in the most tenuous definition of the word, of one Rik McQuick, our hero and all round good guy. His present cargo (35 tons of Altarian Old McSpewans Spirit) is bound for the bustling metropolis of Kylie on the tedious planet Minogue (sick but true). As we join him a fair amount of this evil concoction it already finding its way down his throat.

It is while Rick is thus otherwise engaged that his ship veers off (due to an unfortunate collision between the auto-pilot and an empty McSpewans bottle) and heads off towards a rather small and very insignificant blue-yellow (green) planet.

As it happens, this is not very fortuitous because this particular little planet was the secret hide-out of the galactic villain Fastblender Gloop. Even though the disreputable Mr Gloop is long since dead (along with the rest of the population of the planet, for a reason which is unlikely to become clear at the present time), this sophisticated defence system is alive and well thank you very much.

Now, as the camera pulls back, it may be wise to point out that it is this aforementioned defence system, which has launched the fast approaching missiles that can be seen in the distance. Luckily for Rick, when these missiles ultimately explode on impact with the ship he just happens to be lying in a dazed heap within the only escape pod on the ship and suffers only a few minor injuries.

We rejoin Rick after he has fully regained control of the various bits of his anatomy and find that he is lying (more or less still in a heap) next to the remains of the escape pod, high up in the mountains of the planet Yarkon. As the picture starts to slowly fade he knows that all he has to do is get off this miserable little rock. However, he is going to need the help of someone with intelligence, with and charm, but seeing as you're the only one about, I suppose you'll just have to do...GOOD LUCK!

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