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Famous Five : The
Famous Five : The Famous Five : The Famous Five : The Famous Five : The Famous Five : The Famous Five : The Famous Five : The Famous Five : The Famous Five : The
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Famous Five : The by Enigma Variations

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You start of as Julian in a train carraige. WAIT twice. Dick will say something to you. WAIT again and the train will stop at a station. LEAVE TRAIN and you will be on the platform at Kirrin Station. Your Aunt Fanny is waiting at the station for you. After she speaks to you, FOLLOW AUNT FANNY three times. Then, go EAST, you will be in the shop. BUY ICES and you will get the ices. You will need these to make friends with George. Talking about George, you will need to get her to the shop so you can give her the ices. At this point in the game, she can be anywhere, so you will need the map to help you here. BECOME GEORGE and use the directions on the map which take you to the shop. BECOME JULIAN and then GIVE GEORGE ICES. She then becomes friendly with you.

(It is important to become friends with George otherwise you cannot get far into the adventure. For a laugh, try not making friends with George and try and go along with the solution and see what happens)

Right, BECOME GEORGE, then go WEST, NORTHEAST, NORTH, WEST, WEST. You will be in the hallway in Kirrin Cottage. Aunt Fanny will talk to you, then you will need to get various objects from around the house. TELL ANNE TO GO NORTH - Anne will go north to get a few things. SOUTH will take you to the living room where you have to get Joanna out of the kitchen. TURN ON WIRELESS and she will come in. You will note she is carring oven gloves. She turns the set off. BECOME ANNE and you become Anne in the dining room. WEST and then OPEN DOOR, then SOUTHEAST. GET ALL. By this time, Joanna is back in the kitchen and will throw you out so you will need to get her out again. BECOME GEORGE and turn on the wireless again. This time, TELL JOANNA TO DROP GLOVES. This, she does and heads back towards the kitchen. BECOME ANNE, go NORTHWEST and then WEST. TAKE SPADE and then go EAST. Joanna will throw you out of the kitchen, but you will have the spade, lemonade, scones and cake.

(Make sure you do these instructions right and done first time, because if you turn the wireless on too many times, Uncle Quentin will send you back home)

BECOME GEORGE. You will now need to go and get a few more things from around the house. TAKE GLOVES AND WEAR THEM - you will find out why later. Go NORTH twice and meet up with Anne, then SOUTH, and UP - you will be on the east landing.

Go SOUTH into Aunt Fanny and Uncle Quentin`s room. EXAMINE CLOCK and then TAKE BATTERY.

(You must type in the EXAMINE CLOCK bit first otherwise you cannot get the battery)

Go NORTH and then WEST. You are at the other end of the landing. Go SOUTH into the spare room. EXAMINE BED followed by GET MATCHES. Go NORTH, EAST and DOWN. Go WEST to the other side of the hallway. Then go NORTH into the dark cupboard. GET TORCH and go SOUTH. Then GIVE MATCHES TO JULIAN. INSERT BATTERIES INTO TORCH and then GIVE TORCH TO DICK and go SOUTH.

You are now in Uncle Quentin`s study. OPEN WINDOWS and go WEST into the garden. Go NORTH into the shed. GET ROPE then go SOUTH. Go SOUTH EAST and then NORTH EAST to get to the front garden. Now to goto the beach to get Timmy and then to goto Kirrin Island. Go EAST, NORTH EAST and finally EAST to get to the far side of the beach. TALK TO ALF. He will say something to you and then goto get Timmy the dog for you.

You will now need to ENTER BOAT. TAKE OARS and then ROW BOAT (six times) to get to Kirrin Island. You MUST be George in order to get past the rocks. (Readers of the books will know why). LEAVE BOAT and then PULL BOAT (otherwise the boat will be wrecked in the storm). Go NORTH EAST and you will be under the stone archway of the castle.

Go EAST and WAIT two times until Timmy chases rabbits and ends up underground. (Sometimes Timmy goes underground when you get to the location) PULL UP BUSHES and you will find an entrance. Go DOWN and get Timmy. Go back UP. TELL ANNE TO GIVE ME SPADE. Then GIVE ROPE TO DICK followed by WEST and SOUTH WEST. TELL DICK TO UNWRAP SANDWICHES. The paper drops to the ground and Anne picks it up. Then TELL ANNE TO EAT CAKE. Crumbs drop to the ground. PICK UP CRUMBS.

You will see a storm brewing out at sea.Go NORTHEAST, EAST, SOUTH and NORTHEAST. EXAMINE HEATHER. You will find a tree stump. TELL DICK TO TIE ROPE TO STUMP and TELL DICK TO DROP ROPE. Go DOWN. Then TELL DICK TO GO UP. DROP ALL, TELL ANNE TO DROP ALL and TELL JULIAN TO DROP ALL. TAKE OARS AND SPADE. TELL JULIAN TO TAKE PAPER, MATCHES AND CRUMBS. Go UP. Then go SOUTHWEST and NORTH. Then go NORTHEAST. TELL JULIAN TO DROP CRUMBS. The jackdaws come down and get the crumbs. Sticks fall to the ground. Rain beats down and soaks you to the skin. Go SOUTHWEST and EAST twice.

WAIT 10 times until you star sneezing. TELL JULIAN TO DROP STICKS AND LIGHT MATCH. Julian drops the sticks into the recess and lights a match. Then TELL JULIAN TO LIGHT PAPER AND LIGHT STICKS. He then lights the sticks and starts a fire which helps you get rid of the sneezes. BECOME JULIAN. EXTINGUSH PAPER. Go WEST twice, then SOUTH, then NORTH EAST. Go DOWN. STRIKE BOX. You will find an axe. GET AXE and then go WEST. You will see the wreck of a ship.

ENTER WRECK. Go DOWN and then WEST. You will be in the Captain`s cabin . EXAMINE SEAWEED. You will find a cupboard. STRIKE CUPBOARD.

OPEN CUPBOARD. You will find an old wooden box. TAKE BOX then go EAST and UP. LEAVE WRECK. Go SOUTHWEST, then SOUTH to get back to the cove.

BECOME GEORGE AND PUSH BOAT. Then ENTER BOAT. ROW BOAT six times to get back to the mainland. LEAVE BOAT. Go WEST then SOUTH WEST and then WEST to get back to Kirrin Cottage. OPEN DOOR and then WEST to go in. UP twice to get into the attic. OPEN WINDOW. TELL JULIAN TO THROW BOX.

It will crash onto the ground outside. DOWN twice, then WEST, SOUTH and WEST. Uncle Quentin will come out and take the box. Go SOUTHEAST AND NORTHEAST and you will be at the front of Kirrin Cottage. OPEN DOOR and go WEST twice. WAIT until you hear Uncle Quentin snoring. CREEP SOUTH. OPEN DRAWER. TAKE BOX AND OPEN IT. Stuff will fall out of it. DROP BOX and TAKE MAP AND READ MAP. You will see the map to Kirrin Castle and on it, it says, HERE BE INGOTS.

CREEP NORTH. Uncle Quentin wakes up and takes the map from you. WAIT three times and Timmy will point East and growl. The Stranger enters and will go south. For a while, Timmy will point south and growl and you will hear the sounds of heated discussion coming from inside Uncle Quentin`s study.

WAIT until the Stranger leaves. Uncle Quentin will come out and tell you that the Stranger plans to buy Kirrin Island. Go EAST, OPEN DOOR and go EAST twice then go NORTHEAST AND EAST. ENTER BOAT. ROW BOAT six times to get to the island. LEAVE BOAT and go SOUTHEAST and NORTHEAST. TELL DICK TO GET ROPE AND UNTIE IT. Go SOUTHWEST and NORTH to get into the castle. Go EAST.DIG WITH SPADE. You will hear something strike underground. TELL TIMMY TO DIG and he will reveal a stone with an iron ring in it.

EXAMINE SLAB and you will discover an iron ring on it. TELL DICK TO TIE ROPE TO SLAB AND PULL ROPE. The entrance to the dungeons is revealed. TELL DICK TO UNTIE ROPE AND TURN ON TORCH. Then go DOWN twice.

Go WEST. Go NORTH WEST twice and then south. EXAMINE COLUMN and you will find a grille set into it. EXAMINE GRILLE and then PUSH GRILLE.

Go NORTH and SOUTHWEST. You will be at a door. STRIKE DOOR. Dick will get a splinter and will go up to the fresh air. In some versions, Anne will go with him. Then OPEN DOOR and NORTH. You will be in the dungeon. It is filled with gold ingots left there by one of George`s ancestors. Julian and George will be captured by Jake and the Stranger.

BECOME DICK. Go NORTH and then DOWN twice. TIE ROPE TO LADDER AND DROP IT. Go DOWN AND WEST. Go NORTH and SOUTHWEST twice. LOOK. You will see some matting. EXAMINE MATTING. TAKE KEY. Then UNLOCK DOOR and OPEN DOOR. Then go NORTH. TAKE GOLD and go SOUTH. Then go NORTHEAST twice and then go SOUTH. Julian will look thoughtful. WAIT a few times and and TALK TO JULIAN. WAIT a few times and then go back to outside the room. If you can hear the sounds of voices, then CLOSE DOOR AND LOCK DOOR. If not, go back to the where Dick comes out of the well and wait a few more times and then repeat the process. Then go NORTHEAST twice and SOUTHEAST twice, then EAST and UP twice.

Then go WEST twice and SOUTHWEST. BECOME GEORGE. Then ENTER ROWING BOAT and ROW BOAT six times (again) to get to the mainland. BECOME DICK. Then go WEST, SOUTHWEST, WEST twice until you get into the hallway of Kirrin Cottage. Look for Uncle Quentin and after he talks to George, give him gold.

WAIT for the Police to arrive. Leave Kirrin Cottage and then go EAST twice, then NORTHEAST and then EAST and ENTER BOAT. BECOME GEORGE. ROW BOAT six times (for the final time). LEAVE BOAT. Go NORTHEAST and WEST twice. BECOME DICK. Go DOWN twice.

Then go WEST, NORTHWEST twice and then SOUTHWEST twice. UNLOCK DOOR and OPEN DOOR. Jake and the Stranger will come out and the police will arrest them. - submitted by Patrick Furlong

Map to help with any solutions, click here. - submitted by cpc4eva

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