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Hard Drivin
Hard Drivin Hard Drivin Hard Drivin Hard Drivin Hard Drivin Hard Drivin Hard Drivin Hard Drivin Hard Drivin
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Hard Drivin

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Hard Drivin by Tengen

The ultimate driving simulator that leaves all other driving games behind! How would you like to test drive a high powered sports car on a stunt course? Step on the gas and try to keep control when skidding around the corners and out of the way of oncoming traffic in this superb arcade conversion!

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Cheat Mode(s)

Take the stunt track and when you get to the big bridge, drive up to it slowly. When you get to the top, slow right down until it says turn key to start. You will start to go backwards, now look at your score. - submitted by Malc (CPC Zone Staff)

At address 08BF poke 00 for infinite time - submitted by Malc (CPC Zone Staff)

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