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Action Fighter
Action Fighter Action Fighter Action Fighter Action Fighter Action Fighter Action Fighter Action Fighter Action Fighter Action Fighter
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Action Fighter by Core Design

You have been charged with five highly dangerous missions to destroy the enemies attack force. Combat takes place in enemy territory on the ground and in the air. For this purpose you will make use of the latest top secret transforming vehicle.

You begin as a motorcycle. You may then collect four parts (represented by A B C D icons) which will change the motorcycle into a car. The icons will appear depending on the number of enemy vehicles you have destroyed. When you change into the car, pressing the SPACEBAR will transform you back into the motorcycle and vice versa.

Changing into the jet-car is done automatically after collecting the last two parts (E and F icons). The jet-car will only change into the motorcycle when landing after completing the mission. This also results in the loss of all parts collected.

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AMSTRAD CPC 464/664/6128
Cassette users should press the Control key and small Enter keys together, press any key to load.


You must travel on the ground based section destroying enemy vehicles and collecting parts icons until you take off.

Once in the air you must travel to your mission objective. This is described at the start of each level. These targets can either be bombed or shot depending on their altitude. When they have been defeated the next mission will be displayed.

There is a time bonus on each level. If you destroy the objective within the time limit, bonus points are added.


When travelling on the road you will be attacked and obstructed by enemy vehicles. You must stay on the road as there are various crash barriers along the route. If you hit them whilst driving relatively slowly, you will merely bounce off. However, if you hit a crash barrier at high speed you will be destroyed.

There are also ramps to negotiate which cross over water. These can be jumped if approached at the correct speed and position. You can avoid the ramps by pulling into the side road if you are driving too fast on the approach.

There is an indicator at the top of the screen which warns you how the road ahead is going to turn etc. so you can slow down if you wish to avoid the ramps.

If you ever see a Sega van on the road, position yourself just behind it and you will be automatically drawn inside. You will then be equipped with a new weapon.

The weapons are collected in the following order:

1. Double fire power.
2. Missiles.
3. Reverse Firing.
4. Limited invulnerability.

If you lose a life, you will lose all add-ons and will have to start collecting again.


When in the air, your jet-car can fly at one of two speeds. You start at the slower speed, but you can collect a floating bonus which allows you to go faster.

When you reach the end of the air section you will have to destroy the mission objective.

If you see the Sega twin rotor helicopter then fly into the back of it to pick up extra weapons, which are the same as collected from the Sega van. In addition you have also a bomb sight to aim the bombs that you drop.


As a grund vehicle, the motorcycle has very good acceleration and deceleration capabilities. It has very good manoeuvrability capabilities (left to right). The enemy helicopters will not attack. The motorcycle has no front or rear protection from collisions with enemy vehicles.


The car can survive collisions from the front and rear. It has very good control capabilities when knocked from the side by an enemy vehicle. Enemy helicopters will attack the car. Acceleration is not as good as the motorcycle. Manoeuvrability is not as good as the motorcycle.


The jet-car has good manoeuvrability.



You can either use joystick control, or play via the keyboard:

Z = Left
X = Right
O = Up/Accelerate
K = Down/Decelerate
P = Fire
H = Pause
Q = Abort
SPACE = Transform car to bike/bike to car.

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