Stunt Car Racer by MicroStyle


Your turbo charged V8 engine hugs banked curves before climbing up and away off a ramp hundreds of feet above the ground. Glide past your opponent in mid-air before crashing back onto the track, your chassis shuddering and tyres squealling. No time to look back - the next bend looms and you're still not in full control ! As a Stunt Car Racer you're blasting around eight roller-coaster tracks at over two hundred miles an hour, pitting your wits and high speed driving skills against computer controlled opponents or a friend via a datalink cable, all in all amazingly fast, smooth 3D graphics.


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Cheat Mode

At address 2177 poke 00 for Infinite boost
At address 98C3 poke C9 for invulnerability. - submitted by Malc (CPC Zone Staff)

Stunt Car Racer Videos

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Stunt Car Racer ZX Spectrum Loading Screen Spectrum Version
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"Upon seeing this for the first tim i had decided to hate it becuase of the 3d GFX but to my surprise it turned out to be a real corker of a racer..."

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7 7/10

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