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Bomb Jack
Bomb Jack Bomb Jack Bomb Jack Bomb Jack Bomb Jack Bomb Jack Bomb Jack Bomb Jack Bomb Jack
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Bomb Jack

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Bomb Jack by Elite Systems Ltd

You are Bomb Jack and you must defuse all of the bombs in various cities before they explode and kill the residents, this would be an easy task for Jack on their own but they are being guarded by many strange characters that appear from no-were to attack and stop you from saving mankind.

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Original Instructions

Note: Many of these instructions have been OCRed and may not have been proofread, as a result spelling errors, broken English and grammar are likely.


Joystick or the following keys

Up - Q
Down - A
Left - N
Right - M
Jump - X
Turbo Jump - Up + Jump


Collect the bombs and defeat the various enemies around the screen.


Collect 23 fizzling bombs for a massive 50,000 point bonus. Every so often a disk bearing the letter P arrives heralded by a siren sound; collecting this immobilises the enemies and turns them into smiling faces which can be collected for more points. An E disk adds an extra life, while a B adds points and increases the value of subsequent bombs collected.

Cheat Mode(s)

At address &19FD poke 0 to gain infinite lives. - submitted by Malc (CPC Zone Staff)

For infinite lives and 3 bonus coins at the start of the game, type in the following code and load the game using RUN ""

10 MEMORY 5999: BORDER 0:MODE 0:INK 0,1
20 FOR f=0 TO 15:READ a:INK f,a:NEXT f
30 LOAD "!bjscreen.bin",&C000
40 LOAD "!bjcode.bin",6000
50 POKE 6653,0
60 POKE 12222,12
70 CALL 6000
80 DATA 1,0,26,8,24,13,11,6
90 DATA 15,16,5,2,6,3,20,10
- submitted by Malc (CPC Zone Staff)

At address 0090 poke 00 for loads of lives. - submitted by Malc (CPC Zone Staff)

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