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Badlands Badlands Badlands Badlands Badlands Badlands Badlands Badlands Badlands
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Badlands by Tengen

From the creators of the classic Super Sprint comes Badlands - a fabulous conversion of the popular coin-op.

A new ruthless sport has evolved in the arid wastelands of the Badlands. Sprint Racing with a killing touch - a destructive battle between armoured cars. Its all out war on the track as players blast the drone cars and each other to finish first.

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Badlands puts you in the hot seat of a mega-fast sprint racing car. Speed round eight death defying tracks in a race of danger and destruction where failure spells death and success the chance to race another day.

Badlands is a game for one, or two players simultaneously.


Press CTRL and small ENTER key. If you have a disk drive attached first type Itape.

Getting Started:

Your objective is race round the eight different tracks as fast as possible, collecting wrenches (spanners) along the way in order to continue to the next round. Failing to finish first means instant disqualification.

Missiles can be found hidden around the tracks behind destructible scenery - in the Badlands even mountains will crumble if shot at.


Player 1 - Joystick
Player 2 - Keys
Q - Accelerate
O - Left
P - Right
Space - Fire
S - Pause/Unpause
F - Quit

Between the tracks, and assuming you have collected enough wrenches, you can customise your car with extra acceleration, shields and weapons.

Bonus wrenches are awarded for finishing first and beating the fastest lap time.

© 1990 TENGEN INC. All rights reserved.
TM Atari Games Corporation.

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