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10th Frame
10th Frame 10th Frame 10th Frame 10th Frame 10th Frame 10th Frame 10th Frame 10th Frame 10th Frame
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10th Frame by Paragorn Programming

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Original Instructions

Note: Many of these instructions have been OCRed and may not have been proofread, as a result spelling errors, broken English and grammar are likely.


Up to 8 players can play. If you select League Play press L or O for select Open Bowling. If league play is selected you will have to supply the following information: Team names, Number of players, Players' names and ability and Number of games to play (up to 5). If Open Bowling is selected you will have to supply the following information: Number of players, Players' names and ability and Number of games to play.

ENTERING PLAYER NAMES AND ABILITY: Type name of player and press RETURN/ENTER. Then select ability level by pressing K for Kids, A for Amateur or P for Professional. A description of each level follows:

KIDS - Designed for children (4 - 8). Speed of ball is automatically set and the ball will head for straight where it is aimed with no hook.

AMATEUR - Beginner's level. Throws are affected by the selected speed setting and amount of hook put on the ball.

PROFESSIONAL - Advanced level. Accuracy in using speed/hook indicator is critical. Errors create poor throws.


AIMING YOUR THROW: Position both bowler and "mark". Push joystick FORWARD to activate "mark" and position it by moving joystick LEFT/RIGHT. Position bowler by pulling BACK on the joystick to deactivate "mark" then move joystick LEFT/RIGHT.

THROWING THE BALL: Set the speed and throw the ball straight or with a hook. It requires timing and concentration to be viewed using the Speed/Hook Indicator.

To start approach press FIRE button. To set speed release FIRE button when indicator reaches desired zone.

Releasing button at the bottom gives you minimum speed. When the button is released the setting you have chosen is locked on the indicator.

Set hook by pressing Fire when indicator is in hook zone.


When each player bowls, a line score appears on the top portion of the screen and shows the last five frames' scores. An overall scoreboard appears after bowlers have competed a frame. Press FIRE button to resume play after the scoreboard.


No matter whether you bowl a straight or hook shot, the best position to aim for is the pockets between the front 3 pins for your initial shot.


To be successful you must be able to make spares that is to knock down any pins left after your first ball with the second ball.


A game consists of 10 frames. A strike counts 10 pins with the first ball plus a total number of pins knocked down by the following 2 balls (shown as [] on scoreboard). A spare counts as 10 pins, plus the number of pins the bowler knocks down with the first ball in the next frame. (Spare shown as > on scoreboard.) When a bowler fails to make a strike or a spare, only the knocked down pins count and no scoring is carried over to the next frame. A perfect game is 12 consecutive strikes to score a maximum of 300. This includes 1 strike for each of the 10 frames plus 1 strike for each of the 2 extra, or bonus chances the bowles receives for scoring a strike in the 10th FRAME.


REPLAY FEATURE: To restart at first frame without changing names, etc., press P from "Select" screen.

AUTOMATIC DEMO: If left for one minute computer will demo. Press D from "Select" screen to start manually.

© 1986 ACCESS Software Inc. All rights reserved.

Cheat Mode(s)

When the bowler appears, tap him one space to the left. Do the same for the aiming cross, being careful in both cases that is is only one tap. Its particularly easy to move the cross too far so be careful. The hook won't affect the ball on novice level and whatever the strength, all the pins should fall.

Hint by Paul Evans for Amstrad Action. - submitted by Malc (CPC Zone Staff)

Note : Make sure u select "WRITE" memory in WINAPE before you put the pokes in or it wont work.

Strikes on every frame:

Poke 170E 00
Poke 170F 00
Poke 1710 00
Poke 1716 00
Poke 1796 18

The above pokes will only work providing you hit at least ONE pin. However adding the following will allow you to get a strike no matter what:

Poke 1106 00
Poke 10EC 00 - submitted by cpc4eva

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