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Locomotion by Mastertronic

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The King of Isbisima is, to say the least a little upset. Tomorrow is his daughter' s birthday and he has no idea what to get her.

As Magic Knight you have been ordered to find the unless Germintrude a very special present. This may be your chance to prove Nat you are worthy of joining the famed 'Polygon Table'. the highest honour any Knight could wish for!

The King transports you to Me Castle of Spriteland which is teeming with many weird and wonderful creatures. Also there are two mazes which contain many of the Queen's relatives Apart from the grisly ghouls and energy sapping creatures there are ghostly traders who are often quite willing to exchange the treasures that you find in the Castle for money which they stole in their former lives.

Some objects will react with each other to form either more or less valuable objects, to sell or collect.

You now have two choices:

1. You may try and collect as many treasures as possible and escape from No Castle of Spriteland.
2. Collect the treasure in order to please the King and the Princess Germintrude and join the Polygon ruble.

Will the temptation of keeping all the treasures be too much for you or are you loyal to the King and the Polygon Table of Isbisima?


Use cursor keys joystick to guide Magic Might and keys
G to GET
T to T

© 1985 Mastertronic Limited

Cheat Mode(s)

Infinite train pause time. Pressing fire pauses the train, tapping it again resumes it.

10 MEMORY 4999: MODE 1
20 Print "Loading : Please Wait..."
30 LOAD "!data1", 5000
40 LOAD "!data2",29000
50 LOAD "!data3",33000
60 LOAD "!data4",36000
70 POKE &951A,0:POKE &951B,0
80 POKE &9524,0:POKE &952E,0
90 POKE &953C,0:POKE &953D,0
100 POKE &953E,0:CALL 29000

Poke by Owen Cunningham for Amstrad Action.
- submitted by Malc (CPC Zone Staff)

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